7 Indie Games to Watch For from the Spring Festival 2020

Thanks to Geoff Keighley and Steam, everyone was able to play upwards of 40 indie games that were going to be featured at various canceled conventions this year. I went through the list, chose the ones that I was most interested in, and decided to play them and make a video. Here are my thoughts on the 7 I tried.
Please make sure to wishlist any of these games that interest you it will help the devs out considerably.
Also this is my first time ever doing a “list” type video really, with editing, and scripting! Please let me know how you all feel about this style of video, and if I should consider doing similar things in the future. Personally I think this came out alright, although I am clearly looking at my notes during the intro and outro bits (and would preferably avoid having my face on camera in the future lol)

TN’s Indie Impressions – CrossCode

A 16bit era styled ARPG?  You would think this would be right up my alley.  I certainly hope I dont get eggs on my face…or balls.

Prolly Balls.

And always remember…STAY NERDY!

CrossCode on Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/368340/CrossCode/

An Interesting Idea for Future Gaming Conventions

Thanks to the great horror that is COVID-19 / The Coronavirus many conventions have been canceled. Emerald City Comic Con, SXSW, GDC, and plenty others have all closed up shop due to the health concerns.

Speaking to an acquaintance of mine who happens to work for a publisher about their recent trip to PAX east and future con plans, my brain suddenly had a thought.

Right now, the biggest issue with a virtual convention is “Networking Opportunities”. Those situations where you and another can meet up and chat. Plenty of publishers use these conventions to meet upcoming dev teams, influencers, and forge relationships that go beyond just showcasing a game.

Conventions are an amazing experience. I remember my first real gaming convention last year, when I went to Guardian Con 2019. It was a small convention by most standards, only hitting about 30000 sqft and having only a few major booths and some vendors. But it was…awesome. I have been looking forward to the rebranded GCX since.

Conventions are also costly however. And with these cancellations smaller studios lose a huge chance to get noticed.

So how do we address this? Virtual conventions seems like an easy idea right? Hell, Geoff Keighley and the Game Awards did that in 2019 thru Steam, allowing folx like me to play the indie game demos shown at the awards for the duration! But this still misses something. That…connection you can make with a real person.

Then I recalled a very strange little game I once messed with on steam called “Anarcy Arcade” and my brain started…percolating.

What if some ambitious game dev out there created, well, a first person virtual convention SPACE. You basically build an MMO like piece of software. You build a 3d Enviroment with booths. You allow developers to “customize” the booths (uploading art and assests). You let guests and exhibitors customize an avatar on an account system. You allow vendors to setup booths as well that link directly to their online stores.

Hell, you could even implement collison, voice chat by proximity, and lines, so people would get the full experience of hanging out in line and chatting with each other.

Doesnt need to be VR either. We already know HOW to create FPS controls. You would get the entire experience of a convention, all the chances to “speak” as it were face to face with others, but never have to leave your home.

Obviously such an undertaking would take time. But I imagine if a studio out there decided to setup this idea up and then charge for both attendance to the virtual conventions AND for renting out “digital space” (at an appropriate price, after all) you would basically have created the first ever fully virtual Convention Center.

Thats what we need.

a Virtual Convention Center in 3D.

It would let disabled people easily attend, people could create “Digital Cosplay” for their avatars, it would let folx who have issues with money or travel attend these things, hell it would help small devs find an audience!

And with space not really being an issue (its virtual, after all) you could create much larger spaces.

I am surprised no one has done this yet.

But I don’t think this is a terrible idea…. So there is my gift to you devs out there. Someone, build the first Virtual Convention Hall! Lets move forward into the future together!

Games are good, games are awesome, and deserve to be seen by as many people as possible.

TN’s Indie Impressions – Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night

Koji Igarashi is the creator and progenitor of the Metroidvania genre, all thanks to his original creation Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. However, Konami didnt want to fund another one of those, so Iga just said screw it, and made his own new world. That world, and game, is Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night. Is this the SOTN successor everyone wanted?

Well, lets see how it stacks up!

This was January’s Patreon Choice Voted Game!

And always remember…STAY NERDY!

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night on Steam – https://store.steampowered.com/app/692850/Bloodstained_Ritual_of_the_Night/

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Path of Exile Delirium League: Thoughts & Speculation

Its time for another discussion about Path of Exile (I write about this a fair amount, don’t I?) and I hope you don’t mind gentle readers.

Today, I wanna talk about the upcoming announced Delirium League, launching on March 13th! Its time for RAMPANT SPECULATION YET AGAIN! That is what this is by the way, speculation and theories!

First, lets give ya the trailer (its wild everyone)

Madness am I right? Now, you can view the official launch page right here which will give you a starting point for discussion. But lets break down what we know so far.

First, obviously, we have new skill gems. This comes with every league, however, unlike previous leagues which focused on specific gem types (spell, melee, bow, ect) this time the developers have apparently been given carte blanche to do what they want. Thats why we are getting things like Kinetic Bolt which is apparently a chaining wand skill gem attack (that is supposedly available at level 1) and Blade Blast, which will detonate blades that are now left behind from other skills like EK and Bladefall. Nothing has been said about upcoming new supports at the time of writing this so I can’t speak on those. We also have new uniques which are kind of interesting, like Perfidy, which allows you to use 2 Banner skills at the same time and speeds up their charge generation.

Then of course we have the league mechanic. The basic premise is as follows: you find this “Mirror of Delirium” in a zone and walk through it. By doing so you enter a warped world where monsters are given new abilities, league mechanics from previous leagues become modified, and you can find unique rewards within it. There is also mention of “going deeper” into the madness, which I assume means that after you go far enough away from the starting point things get harder and harder, with better rewards in exchange for the risk. However, I am not sure how we leave the madness at the moment. Is there a kill counter? Is there a timer? It doesn’t way in either the trailer or on the website.

There are also indications of items that will let you “Corrupt” maps at the end game coverting them into pure Delirium Maps, which will alter the rewards of the map as well. I assume this is how you will get access to the new endgame encounter the Simulacrum, which sounds like its going to be a copy of SOMETHING that you have to fight against (thats kind of what the word Simulacrum means, my guess is you will fight yourself. What is the greatest enemy of a person? Themselves Exile…themselves…their own fear and madness!)

I like the look of this mechanic, personally. I always enjoy “breach style” encounters, especially when they are optional. I am also curious how it will interact with things like breach, the temple encounters, and especially the Blight ones! Can you imagine doing a Blight tower defense encounter while inside the Delirium Mist? Dear god in heaven Exile that is going to be, well, madness!

However, the single biggest thing that excites me about this league over all are the new “Cluster Jewel” items. These things are in a word “Bonkers”. So anyone who has played Path of Exile has run into a Jewel. These are items you socket into your passive skill tree in order to add effects. An example of a normal jewel would be this!

However, Cluster Jewels are are something special. Added specifically to Delirium League, these jewels only function when placed in a jewel socket on the OUTSIDE of the passive tree. And what they do is GIVE YOU AN ENTIRE NEW SECTION OR BRANCH ON THE PASSIVE TREE WITH NEW NODES! You can even chain the Cluster Jewels going from Large, to Medium, to Small creating new paths with unique nodes. They have a good example of this on the website, but let me show you an image with some added text giving you an idea

Cluster Jewels!

These jewels appear to come in Magic, Rare, and Unique types, meaning you can get Cluster Jewels rolled with all sorts of strange combinations. There are also roughly 280 new “Notable” nodes, which are listed on that site. I am very excited to see just what sorts of combinations you can get, and this will encourage people I think to path to the outside of the passive tree JUST so they can use these nodes. I do imagine, however, you will need to spend skill points to path thru the nodes. I also wonder what would happen if you socket a jewel, and then remove it after spending said skill points. Do you get the points back as if respeced? Do they vanish?

We need more concrete info as to just how these Cluster Jewels will work in practice. The ones listed on the website are fascinating to look at. The Large Rare jewel listed there for example adds “10 New Passive Skills” and 2 brand new Notables, all focused on attack damage (so a weapon based physical build would love it) for instance. The Unique “Voices” listed there is one I imagine EVERYONE will want as it specifically adds 3 Jewel sockets + 1 small node that does nothing, meaning you can chain a TON off it! It being a large means you could connect 3 different medium or small nodes, and if you manage 3 rare Mediums you could then in theory, assuming any add sockets of their own as shown in that image above, chain more off them.

Finally they are making improvements to the Atlas of Worlds to make it more deterministic. I got bored with my build last league but I did make it to maps and actually completed 2 of the new fights, so there is that.

I am excited to yet again dive into a new Path of Exile league, and Delirium is looking to be something amazing. It releases on March 13th, and I can’t wait to dive in.

Hope to see you there Exiles!

TN’s Indie Impressions (EA) – UnderMine

The peasants are digging deeply and greedily for their Arcane Corporate Overlords! There are quakes a plenty, dangers untold, and loss of life limb and riches to be had in the depths of the UnderMine.

Is this cute cartoony roguelike worth your time digging into? Find out here!

UnderMine on Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/656350/UnderMine/

And always remember…STAY NERDY!

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TN’s Indie Impressions (EA) – Monster Sanctuary

Ever wonder what would happen if you took the concept of Pokemon (ie catching monsters and fighting with em), and combined that with the gameplay and exploration of Metroid? No?

Well someone did, and that developer is behind the game Monster Sanctuary. A game about being a member of the Keeper Order, a group tasked with keeping the monster population in check by building their own bonds with monsters, and fighting them against the wild ones.

Is this idea executed well? Watch and learn!

Monster Sanctuary on Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/814370/Monster_Sanctuary/

And always remember…STAY NERDY!
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TN’s Indie Impressions – Parkitect

Ever look at Disney, or Universal Studios, or Knotts Berry Farm and think “Yea, I could do that better then these chumps!”
Well, Parkitect lets you put your skills to the test in doing just that! A spiritual successor to Roller Coaster Tycoon 1 and 2, does Parkitect do enough different to warrant a buy and play, or should you stick to the originals?
Lets find out together!
And always remember…STAY NERDY!
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Terminally Nerdy 3.0 Upgrade In Progress – News

>_ boot sequence started run diagnostics 

>_ scanning creations 

>_ …. 

>_ …. 

>_ scan complete.  Errors found: 39 

>_ report generating 

>_ Command? 



>_ PLAY Coheed and Cambria: Sentry the Defiant

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TN’s Indie Impressions – Mythic Ocean

A quick dip into a vast ocean….with coral reefs, cute fish, and even a few divine beings who might have to create a whole new universe. And who will help define that universe?

You. Thats who. Welcome to the Mythic Ocean, an exploration / Visual Novel game all about creating new worlds.

Lutra is best Larva. I will hear nothing to the contrary.

And always remember…STAY NERDY!

Mythic Ocean on Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/814360/Mythic_Ocean/

And always remember…STAY NERDY!

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