Its time to start actually working out what is in the area that I intend for my players to start in, in my strange new world that I introduced in my post “The Blink“. Now, I am designing this world based on our Earth (after a cataclysm of unknown origin), and this region based on my own home state of Florida. When thinking of how to name this region, I decided that the people living there now would have named it based on signs, and I figured they might see a sign called “Central Florida” but with some of the letters worn off, and just combine the phrases into the new region: Tralida. I am so creative HAHAHAHAHAHaaaaaa….

From here, I had to decide just what had come into being here. Since the Blink transported random parts of the First World to this new land, I could theoretically come up with just about anything. I decided to have one massive city from the First World appear here, so that way I can justify having the variety of Playable races in this region to begin with.

So here are some Areas of interest in the Tralida region, as well as some of the major cities and locales. This helps me visualize the areas and spaces for when I bust out a hex mapper and start mapping this mess.

Dytoa City: Once the sprawling capital in the First World, this massive city houses several thousand people of the various races. It was transported along with many of the outlying farms perfectly intact to the coastline of Tralida. Ruled by a council of elected officials. They handled the Blink fairly well, with minimal loses and have recovered quite well. They frequently send adventurers out into the wilds in search of ruins, salvage, and other colonies in order to try to bring order to the Tralida region.  They took the name Dytoa to show that they have fully embraced their new world, and are working to integrate themselves into it.  They are allies with the Animaforged of Din’ey.

Din’ey: A city of Animaforged, a central trading hub. They welcome all who are willing to work and defend their home into their lands. A few trading roads going up and down Tralida connect here, including one major trail between Dytoa and Din’ey. This is ruled by the 2 Elder Animaforged who dwell here. No one is allowed into their Castle save for other Animaforged, who are programmed to not speak of the Elders to anyone outside. There are also tales of portals to other Animeforged Cities in other places hidden away that the Elders give access to those who need them, for a price.

The Everswamp: The southern area of Tralida is a massive overgrown swamp land ruled by a kingdom of Frog people, who worship beings known only as “The Deep Ones”. These beings supposed live in a massive lake in the center of the swamp called Lake Okobee. The capital of the Frog empire also exists deep in the bowels of this lake. (I will be using the Ribbitan Race as a base line, found here and created by The GodDamn DM to create my own frog folk.  They just wont be fey and be a bit more…… strange.)

The Ocalawood: A massive primeval forest that covers a large portion of the north above both Dytoa and Din’ey this forest is home to many things, some known, and many unknown. There are only 2 safe trails through the forest to the Northern lands, but much of the forest itself is unexplored. Strange beasts lurk in the dark forest, seeking prey. Some criminals from the lands to the south have made their home here, striking out against the fledgling cities below.

Ruins of Larn: Once a massive sprawling city, this area sits between Din’ey and Dytoa City. Its a huge mess of concrete, stone, metal, glass, and more. Strange mutants roam the area outside of the patrolled path between the two cities, and scavengers, criminals, and other things hide within. There is treasure to be found too, oh yes, from precious metals and salvage, to strange artifacts of power. Its been fairly well explored but there are still secrets and things to discover, especially in the Univer Wastes, an area that seems almost alive with a malignant force.

There are many small settlements, towns, and communities dotted across the land as well but much of it is unexplored, untouched, and wild. I also intend to throw in several ruins from the First World as well, or maybe bits that did not transport correctly, causing all sorts of strange things to occur.

This world is still very “new” in a sense, so while there will be plots and things going on behind the scenes (perhaps strange cults worshipping new gods and the like) a good portion of it will focus first on exploration. While I also intended for Humanity to have been wiped out many many years before the Blink due to the the “event” that caused our world to die in the first place, there is no reason that OTHER beings cannot have gained sentience. Perhaps a race of dog people, or even apes, have taken over regions in the time before the Blink? Who knows! There is nothing saying that there wont be horrible Mole people waiting to come up from below and strike at these new “surface dwellers!”

Who is to say there is not a race of Egyptian styled Lizard folk living out in the Pyramids in what was once Egypt?

200 years does not seem like a long time, but if you think in terms of our world, and the advancements we have made in 200 years along (1800 to 2000) its quite astonishing. Add magic to the mix and you can come up with all sorts of crazy things to occur.

I might also see about having my patrons come up with some crazy locations and things as well to add to this region. Florida is quite large, and while I am going to focus the Central Florida area there is plenty of space to add small towns, groups, NPCs, gods and more.

Also anyone got any cool names for this world? I was thinking something like Aeonerth or something. Not sure. What do you guys think? Leave a comment. Also if you have any ideas for monsters, npcs, of regions leave that as well! Perhaps you can have your own home town added to the world here. I sure dont know much about stuff outside of my own haha.

Thanks for reading, and Stay Nerdy!


Worldbuilding: The Tralida Region
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