The Blink (A Short Story)

“Grandpa, Grandpa! Tell us the story of the Blink again!” The small elf looked up at the aged figure on the dias, sitting quietly in his chair. The older elf, his hair silver with age, smiled slightly and leaned down to the two elf babes at his feet.

“Are you sure you want to hear that story again?” He grinned a bit wider, knowing the answer.
The second child scootched closer and nodded.

“Long ago,” the old one began “our people, and many others, lived in another land. We all called it by different names, we all had our own legends of how the world got started. We Wood Elves for example believed that we were born of a great World Tree. The humans, that the gods themselves birthed them. The dwarves, that the stone and earth was their mother, and so on and so forth.” He paused to take a drink before continuing.

“We races lived in relative peace with each other. Of course, there were evils in the land. Demons, Devils, Dragons, Orc Raiders, and more, but each of us fought these evils with the help of valiant heroes! Heroes who explored our old lands and saved us from great peril time and time again.” At this the elven children smiled. They knew they wanted to be heroes one day, exploring their new home and saving their people.

“However, all this changed the day of the Blink. None of us knew what happened exactly. One minute, we were living our lives in our homes, tending the forest we had called ours for generations, eons, and then the next minute there was a thunderous blast, a bright blinding white light, and suddenly we found ourselves…in another place.” He motioned at this moment to the view outside his window in his room, to the large structures of stone, and metal, and glass that rose up around them. To the strange box like metal things on the grounds below them in their tree.

“It has been nearly 200 years since the Blink. We know more about where we are now, but less about how we arrived children. We know that this place was once the home of people who called themselves ‘Americans’ and that they called this city ‘Ne Yok’ and this place where our great Tree Palace landed a sort of ‘Cenpark’. Whatever that means. We have also found that many of the races, the dwarves, humans, tieflings, dragonborn, orcs, and more came here as well, entire cities and towns and landmasses being sent to whatever this world is. This land that is so green, untamed, and still very dangerous. Perhaps, one day, you will be the heroes we need my children…”

The children looked at each other excitedly. They both wanted to be heroes so very much. The old elf smiled gently down at them, and then called over his assistant. “Mython, can you please take my grandchildren out to the garden? It is time for me to call the court to order.”

And with that the old elven king, known as Oberyn, stood and walked to his throne room to begin yet another day of court in his peoples new home of Ne Yok.

The Blink is a little story I wrote to help myself visualize what it might be like for a race to be transported from one world to another. I am starting to design a “high level” look at a world that was once our own, but after an unknown apocalypse was laid barren. It has been regrowing slowly over time, but around 200 years before the players will be added to the world, another world had a similar problem. Here is the background of how the world go to where it is:

A Mad Wizard known as Halgrin decided for some reason that his world was in danger of being destroyed. In his mad fear fueled mind, he decided the only way to save his world was to transplant the people to another one. He did very little research on where he was going to send them, and told no one. Instead, he performed a massive spell of increadible power that took entire chunks of land, with all living things and buildings on them, and hurled these into another place. Civilizations were torn apart, monsters and bizarre creatures and races hurled to a new world.

They ended up here, on an Earth that had been devoid of sentient life. In the process, the magical energies of these landmasses appearing across the globe caused some mutations in existing creatures as well as robotics to come back to life, with a magical sentience all their own. The seemed to be focused on old theme parks and only a few of these robots gained sentience. These beings became the creators of the Animaforged race, a race of sentient robots that can build new versions of themselves. The Elders, as they call themselves, are connected across the globe magically to each other, and are highly secretive. They know about the Time Before from their data banks, and only the Elders have the ability to access these old networks. New Animaforged are free to go their own way.

This magical surge is why there may be new sentient races (such as some Frog People I aim to create who come from the Everglades, and the Animaforged) exist, as well as strange creatures not seen by the new inhabitants.

In the 200 years since the Blink the races have settled into their new lands and founded new kingdoms. The players will be starting in a region known as the “Southlands”, in a kindgom called Lorid, ruled by Animaforged in the region of Orlan and the city of Diny. The areas surrounding most of these kingdoms are unexplored and unsettled as again its only been 200 years since this all started.

This is the basis of my new world. I don’t have a name for it yet. But I wanted to have an idea of how the world became the way it is while also explaining how the fantasy races and monsters got there. Traditionally, when I world build I think high level (or Macro) first to come up with a large scale basis for everything. I dont really dig deep into things, such as the Kingdom of Elves I mention in that story, but rather after I have a general overview of the world as a whole I pick a smaller region and start building it out. In this case, since its an Earth ruined by “something” I intended to start in my own home town.

Should be fun ruining it, having nature retake entire swaths of it, and creating some unique adventures for the players to experience. And if this article seems kind of all over the place, well, thats just how my brain functions when thinking about world building. It goes all over the place, creating new ideas based on things I just thought about. So pardon my dust as it were.

I just wanted to share a little bit about this project, this world, that has no name but I want to build upon. Thanks for reading and remember, STAY NERDY!

Worldbuilding: The Blink & What Came After
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