This Book was given to me on NetGalley in Exchange for an Honest Review.

There will be MINOR SPOILERS here.

Alright time for my first review of a NetGalley book!  Are you excited?  I am excited.  Maybe.  Kinda.  I should be.

So, lets start with the blurb from the NetGalley page, as this is what drew me to the book.

“Witches Protection Program is filled with adventure & suspense Michael Phillip Cash creates a tongue-in-cheek alternate reality where witches cast spells and wreak havoc in modern day New York City.”

I will admit it sounds kind of wild doesn’t it?  Witches, adventure, havoc, New York!  Lots of fun stuff here.  The cover, also, is fun to look at.  Although I will say that the gun suspiciously looks like a particular Nerf Gun.

Anyway, the story follows a man by the name of Wes.  Wes is an officer in the FBI?  NYPD?  Its never quite established other then he is some form of law enforcement officer.  Further, he works directly for his father, and on his first assignment something goes wrong and he messed up big time.  He is thus sent to another department that is hidden in the basement of a building.

Arriving there he is told in short order that witches exist, the screw up he had was caused by a level 8 Willa, and that there are two kinds of witches: Davina and Willa.  Davina are good, Willa are bad.  Period.  End of story apparently.

By the way, the levels are never really explained here.  I assume 8 is bad because, well, 8.  Given that others are referred to as level 4 and things.

Further he is given a variety of weapons with which to combat them, which are described as steampunk in design, complete with tubes and glowing green goo.  The cover shows what I assume to be the standard pistol.

From there, the two meet a witch and start to work on uncovering a plot to, you guessed it, take over the world.  Via a Makeup Company.While the plot has a few twists and turns (and a few things that happen WAY to fast for my liking) its overall a fun ride.

Wes is a guy who is trying to get his head around the concept of magic and witches while everyone around him seems to be perfectly fine with the concept.

His partner and boss, Alistar, is super calm about everything.  The girl the two men end up working with, Morgan, is a Davina Witch herself.

The humor is evident throughout the book as well.  I mean the villains are the head of a makeup company and are intending to use face cream to take over the world.  Alistar is obviously the straight man while Wes is the more frantic “What is going on?!”

My main problems with this book are pacing related.  First, the book takes place over the course a few days from what I can tell.  Its rather indeterminate.

Further, one major even that occurs at a speed that seem unrealistic.  And that single event is Wes and Morgan falling into head over heels love.  Complete with Morgan becoming an instant princess to be saved and Wes becoming the white knight to rescue her.

Now its implied that something magic occured to cause this when Morgan burns Wes’s business card.  Also there are a few end twists that occur that seem out of left field as nothing is even hinted at prior them happening.

Finally, my other other real complaint is at the end.  You see, throughout the book the incident that cause Wes some issues is mentioned but never explained.  Just notes like “You were told not to look into her eyes” and other comments.

At the very end of the book, Morgan asks Wes what happened as they are in the car.  And then he tells the story.It could have ended without ever going into what happened which would have been fine.  But in all honesty, the story should have taken place at the FRONT of the book, not ended up.  The story had an end.  The team won, and was on their way out to rest up.  It did not need to finally detail the incident at the end.  If it had been at the front it would have made more comedic sense.  And truth be told it was funny to read.

Overall, the book is a solid fun popcorn book.  I honestly hope to see another story with this characters in the same world, maybe more fleshed out.  I would rate this a 3/5 overall.

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Witches Protection Plan by Michael Phillip Cash – A Review
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