A recent Tweet Thread got me thinking today about Success, Happiness, and what they mean to each of us.

First, lets me be frank. What success means to a person, what happiness means to a person, is always going to be individual to that person. You might be happy making 40k a year, going out with your friends and raising a family. You might consider that successful.

Someone else might find that life horrible for whatever reason, and wonder how you could be happy in that.

Success, by a large, is a personal thing. For some, success IS being happy with where you are in life. For others, success might be getting that next promotion at work. It might be getting noticed for your art online. It might be getting that part in that play or tv show or podcast.

It could be anything.

And its all valid.

No one can tell you what success means but yourself. No one can tell you what happiness means but you. Would you be happy winning the lottery? I don’t know. I would be, personally. It would solve so many of my problems in an instant. Would you be happy staying right where you are? Possibly! Would having kids make you happy? Would that be a success for you?

These are things you have to ask yourself. I ask these questions of myself pretty much constantly.

People, for example, like to point out that I have “succeeded” because Matt Mercer follows me, or that I have 3800 twitter followers, or whatever other reasons people like to tell me. But thats not really success to me, personally. I am not even sure what I would consider success because, frankly, I don’t know what my goals really are. I know I want to help people. I know I enjoy writing and talking about this magical hobby that has been a part of my life since I was a kid. But is that success? Not sure….

I have been doing this DND thing between writing and Youtube for nearly 2 years now. I even tweeted about that today , showing the very first video I did on my channel (that was not the introduction vid) which was posted August 2016. I have never stuck with a project this long, not once.

For some, I am successful. To me? I dont know yet. Its a question I ask myself every day. What does success MEAN to me? I don’t have an answer. I am not sure I ever will.

I do know that one thing that makes me happy (but not successful) is seeing my friends and my fans succeed. I share in their joy, and their wins, and their happiness. Is that enough for me at the end of the day?

Perhaps it is.

I don’t consider the question of “success” to be something with a simple answer. The grass is always greener and so one and so forth. There is always room for improvement, for growth, for learning. And even if you “make it”, there will always be another hill to climb.

Success is personal.

I want you, reader, to feel that success. To feel that happiness. If no one else out there will tell you that, let me be the one to say it.

You will succeed, whatever that means for you. I believe in you. And I want to see you soar!

Thanks for reading, and Stay Nerdy everyone.

What is Success and Happiness: The Question Has No Easy Answer
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