Atlus released an announcement about Persona 5 R recently. Then they said that more information (really, ANY information) will be coming in March of 2019. Now, I love the Persona franchise. Its why I have Persona Q on my 3DS, and why I am eagerly awaiting Persona Q 2 to get a western release. Its why I played Persona 3 and 4 on my old PS2 back in the day.

Persona 5 however is something that has escaped me, simply due to the fact that Atlus, for whatever reason, doesnt want to put their games on PC and I simply can’t afford a PS4 at the moment. Sega now owns Atlus, and Sega is starting to put the games they publish on PC so perhaps I might see Persona 5 on PC? I mean, people never thought we would get Yakuza on the PC but we have (and its glorious, I might add)

In fact, I am hoping that is what Persona 5 R is! A full PC release of the game.

Sad thing is, no one actually knows what Persona 5 R is right now! Persona 5 originally was released worldwide on PS3 & PS4 on April 4, 2017. It will be almost 2 years since its original worldwide release before we get any ACTUAL factual information on what this new version is!

Is it a remake like Persona 4 Golden? A remaster with all the DLC built in to make use of the PS4 Pro’s power? Could it be a wider release of the game to said PC platform and maybe even XBox One? I have no idea!

Truthfully this sort of behavior drives me mad. I dislike announcements of announcements which are becoming more and more prevalent in the gaming industry. If you are going to announce something, give us some meat! Give us some details! Don’t just go “Hey we got this thing, its coming, but we are not going to tell you anything else till 3+ months away!”

It drives me mad. I don’t want to get my hopes up that Persona might finally FINALLY have a PC release. More then likely, however, its just going to be a Persona 4 Golden styled Remake, maybe adding in a selectable protagonist like they did with Golden. Thats the safest route. But who knows?

Guess we will find out March 2019. Here is the official “Announcement of the Announcement” trailer on Youtube if you are curious. Take your time, and have a watch.

I also want to add this little comment. When all you have is rampant speculation, you end up with nonsense like this. This is me searching for Persona 5 R information…and I got one result saying its confirmed for PS4 (no idea if thats true), one saying its exclusive to the Switch (no idea if thats true) and one saying details are coming in March (Accurate!)

What is Persona 5 R? No one knows!
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