Welcome to the third in my series of “Greatest Hits” posts, where I show you a bit more about my past in this mad world of Blogging, Content Creation, and so on! My aim here is to show you stuff from back when I reviewed games for another site, back when I first started Youtube, and even some of my older works from back when I started blogging a lot. I will generally be providing links to the original posts so you can go back and see a time capsule of me from back then.

Back when I first got started as Terminally Nerdy on Youtube, a friend approached me and asked if I wanted to do a series swapping old stories about our Tabletop RPG games, and I agreed.

That is where the infamous Blue Magic Story originated. That series. And there is an entire series of stories between me and him. I wanted to link the playlist of videos because this is one of the ways I really got started with the whole Youtube thing. I know Michael Mordor loved these, and I might try to do a few more of these in the future, should demand warrant such a thing (leave a comment here or on youtube letting me know?)

For now, I present to you:  Dungeon Tales

I also suggest you check out the video descriptions on each one as they link to my friends videos. I have no idea what happened to the old man, and I miss him.

Memories. We will always have those at least.

TN’s Greatest Hits: Time for some Dungeon Tales
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