Welcome to the first of my “Greatest Hits” posts, where I show you a bit more about my past in this mad world of Blogging, Content Creation, and so on! My aim here is to show you stuff from back when I reviewed games for another site, back when I first started Youtube, and even some of my older works from back when I started blogging a lot. I will generally be providing links to the original posts so you can go back and see a time capsule of me from back then.

Today I want to link to a review I did, back when I was into reviewing such things. This is a review of what is, quite literally, the worst written thing I have ever encountered. The author was also highly upset that I did not bother to force myself to finish his…work….but my time is way too valuable, even then, to deal with such trite nonsense.

I want to be clear before ya click the link that back when I write this I was a much different person, and a whole lot angrier.

I present to you, the first of my Greatest Hits: The Spirit Collectors

Oh and the book itself is gorgeous but you can’t judge a book by its cover, ya know?

TN’s Greatest Hits: The Worst Book I have Ever Read
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