Welcome to the fourth and FINAL in my series of “Greatest Hits” posts, where I show you a bit more about my past in this mad world of Blogging, Content Creation, and so on! My aim here is to show you stuff from back when I reviewed games for another site, back when I first started Youtube, and even some of my older works from back when I started blogging a lot. I will generally be providing links to the original posts so you can go back and see a time capsule of me from back then.

You know, I got into the whole Dungeons and Dragons community online by accident, really. One night, I decided to create my Tabletop RPG 101 series in an attempt to help people figure out how to find and get into these wonderful games. I still want to go back and redo that series sometime, now that I am much wiser in the ways of the online DND World.

But what surprised me was when I offered my services to review products. I did not expect much, maybe a pdf or two, but when a small indie company reached out to me and offered me both their books in physical form, I decided to take a shot.

I wanted to call back to the two books, and share the videos on them. These were the first ever physical Tabletop Products ever sent to me for review, and honestly I am still proud with how the videos came out.

Thank you to 2c Gaming for giving a small time guy a chance. I am still small time, mind you, but thank you still. I am still curious how the new stuff is coming along as well.

First, there was the Trap Compendium:

And then, there was the TPK Handbook:

That concludes a MONTH of Greatest Hits. My past is varied, just like my life, and I hope you have enjoyed this tour of where I came from, and I hope it gives you a hint on where I am going. I might do this again, down the road, when I need another break.

I don’t know what next week will bring, but it should be interesting!

TN’s Greatest Hits: The First Physical DND Products I Reviewed
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