Welcome to the second of my “Greatest Hits” posts, where I show you a bit more about my past in this mad world of Blogging, Content Creation, and so on! My aim here is to show you stuff from back when I reviewed games for another site, back when I first started Youtube, and even some of my older works from back when I started blogging a lot. I will generally be providing links to the original posts so you can go back and see a time capsule of me from back then.

Back in 2016, before I had a falling out with the management of the site, I wrote for a small indie review site called Vox Ludicus. I had a lot of fun working with them, but differences in the way they wanted to do reviews vs the way I did them (partially because of US Law) led me to leaving the site. Sadly it doesn’t appear anyone really posts there anymore but thankfully the site is still active.

I wanted to call attention to one review on there that I was particularly proud of, of an indie roguelike where you used Cards to build a dungeon, and the AI controller the actual hero that adventured within. This game is a personal favorite of mine, and has had a few expansions released (and Android / IOS versions!) that I still think is worth a look.

Lets look at that time I reviewed Guild of Dungeoneering!

Sadly, the video portion that I included in that review is gone because I nuked that old youtube channel of mine. If you want to see the other video games I reviewed back then you can just visit THIS LINK to see the entire list.

TN’s Greatest Hits: That Time I reviewed Guild of Dungeoneering
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