At least for a little while.  Starting in the coming weeks I am going to be posting my old reviews from back when I did game reviews for a site called Vox Ludicus.  The site has not been updated for over a year at this point, and I had a small falling out with the owners of it in how I did reviews.  It’s one of the reasons I got out of game reviews for a while.

However, at this point the site appears dead, and I want to keep an archive of the work I did.  This means that you all get to see some of my video game reviews from over two years ago!  I will be posting them as close as I can to the originals, with some notes at the top about each one and how I feel about them now.  These are basically a look into my past and are also gonna give me some more content for this site here.  I will also be removing the reviews from the original site, as once I post it here it won’t be going anywhere.

These will be going up on Thursdays until I run out (I think about 6-7 weeks total) so that way my normal Wednesday posts, when I do them, will not be impacted.  These posts are just going to be the text, as the rest of the data will sadly be lost in transit.

Hopefully you all enjoy the weird history of my life in writing.

#ThrowbackThursday is coming to Terminally Nerdy
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