The Podcast Episode in Question can be found on Patreon (Publicly Available Now) RIGHT HERE so click that, and leave a comment telling me what you think about it.  Also the content of this post is cut/pasted from Patreon, but I am adding some stuff here as well towards the bottom.

About 2 years ago, back when my commute was first affecting my life, twitter follower TheHussman suggested I try doing a podcast while I drove.  Given that I generally have an hour and a half or so of driving twice a day (so 3 hours total) the idea did appeal to me, but at the time I was not sure I could manage it.  All I have, after all, is a cell phone.

I decided to give it a try today, and this is what occurred.  Now that I have done it I have a few ideas on how to do it better, but the question is this: SHOULD I?  The audio quality is never going to be great unless I get a lapel mic of some sort, plus the wind noise you hear is my cars AC (Its Florida, that aint getting turned off).  Its unstructured, raw, and completely at random.

But is it interesting?

I discuss the Ion Fury debacle in this, my anniversary (today!), a bit about Control, and a few other things as well as random asides as I sit in traffic.

One thing I have already decided: If I continue this, I will first reduce my AC Fan Speed (it was running at a 3 out of 4 on my Dial when I did this) which SHOULD remove the background wind noise. Further, I will make sure that I have a list of 3-5 topics to discuss, made up of things suggested by Patrons and stuff I find on my own. That should make things a little more strutured, but it will still be mostly raw and off the cuff, as its kind of hard to do anything otherwise while driving down the road / being stuck in traffic.

Additionally, I will most likely record the episode on my drive home Mondays, and release it to Patrons asap. Then release it to everyone else on Thursdays. If it becomes something people like, I will consider getting podcast hosting from somewhere. I got enough podcaster friends I can prolly sort that out easy enough.
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