My brain has been hammered by the madness that my patrons and twitch viewers have bestowed upon me.  I must share this madness with you, I must let it incubate inside of your mind palace, let the flapping screeching sounds enter your perceptions.  Become one with the flock.
There is only BIRBS…and my mad ranting. BE WARNED: Spoilers for Hatoful Boyfriend are abound in this episode
  • What have I been up to?  Hatoful Boyfriend & TN Wrestling
  • My Thoughts on DontNod’s ARPG Vampyr
  • The Importance of Art Design in Fighting Games (Suggested by Patron Virus)
  • Can DLC Be worth it? (Suggested by Patron KarlaDia)
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The Terminally Nerdy Podcast #6 – Toothy Birbs
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