I have a love of good superhero fiction.  One of my favorite series for example is Cape High by RJ Ross, a long series of Novellas detailing a super hero high school.  Every so often I go on Amazon and the Kindle Store trying to find more good supers fiction, and I ran across this one where the excerpt caught my eye.

“When the first superhuman is a villain, it’s up to the second to become a hero…

Seventeen year old Kane Andrews is just another one of the billions of people on Earth who watch as Richter, the world’s first superhuman, goes on a rampage. All the worlds military cannot stop him, no matter what they throw his way.

Until, with the whole world watching, Kane surprises himself by flying up to catch someone the supervillain has thrown off a building.

The second superhuman is born.

With no idea of the extent or magnitude of his powers, Kane has a long way to go before becoming the first superhero. He must stay one step ahead of both Richter and the rest of the world while he figures out how to take down his nemesis. Time is running out though, and Richter will do whatever it takes to make sure he’s Earth’s only superhuman.”

That premise, where there is only one super and he has gone full villain and a second is born in response caught my eye.  It made me think of things like the Reckoners series.  So I grabbed it and began reading.

This was an incredibly fast read.  I finished the book over the course of a day, reading it on my breaks and lunches.  The pace of this book was scorching fast, and I never really got to know the main character Kane, aka Tempest, or Richter.  I got glimpses into Kane’s life and how he came into his powers, and then before I knew it I was at an action scene or a major event, and then before I knew it I was past it and on to something else.  Because of this blistering pace I never had a chance to really dig into or get to know the characters here.  Kane is given a love interest for example, but beyond one scene where they admit their feelings to each other, I am never really given a reason why he likes her other than “she’s hot”.  I am never shown really much of anything of Kane’s life pre awakening, and once awakened the pace of the plot never slows down even for a moment.

However, the actual story here is solid and complete.  We get the story of Richter vs Tempest, how they meet, how Tempest awakens, and how the battle between them ends, with hints of a larger story at the end, both in the end of the fight between Richter and Tempest, and in the epilogue / final chapter.  This is clearly a novella designed to work in a larger series, and it tries to entice you to read more.

One thing I really enjoyed were the action scenes.  They were written well, tight and controlled and gave me a real clear image on how Tempest viewed the world when his powers were going full steam.  The idea that the first super has gone fully rogue and the hints to his backstory here are also very interesting, and the world building is excellent as well.  In fact, in a technical sense the book was well done.  No wasted words, no overly flowery descriptions, no grammar or spelling errors that I could catch.  I just wish the plot and story were given time to breathe so I could get to know the world and the characters better.

Much like the Abel Book I reviewed in my last post however, this is something that felt almost like a palate cleanser.  It’s a super-fast read, and I don’t know if I will ever return to it nor am I sure I will continue with the next book or the prequel detailing how Richter came to be.

I think it’s a decent buy at $3 at least, and I did get some enjoyment out of it.  If you want to give it a try you can pick it up at Amazon right here, and I rated this a 3/5 on both Amazon and Goodreads.

The Second Super: A Review
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