Another week, another Nerdsletter!  Not much to know about here other then I started a test this month!
See, in July and August, I posted a video every day to Youtube and there has been a significant growth and improvement of my channel.  I am curious, however, if its just because of the daily uploads or if its the content itself.
So I am going to test in September what happens if I cut 2 days a week out.  Originally I had the idea of 3 uploads a week, but I think thats too small.
Here is my plan for September:
  • Sunday is Shadow of War (1x a week)
  • Monday and Thursday is Fallout New Vegas (2x a week)
  • Tuesday and Friday is Legend of Mana (2x a week)
I don’t imagine there will be a huge impact.  Maybe 200 views less a month, and some watch time.  But if that’s all it appears to cause then that will most likely be my methodology going forward.  Its much easier to spend 2.5 hours a week give or take recording 5 episodes then it is to spend 3.5 to 4 recording 7.  Also gives me a bit more time for review stuff.  That started this week as you can see below.
Speaking of review stuff!  Spiritfarers is still being worked on.  I have not been in the mental place to want a relaxing game at the moment, and I am still miffed about the whole issue I had recording it.  To help me get past that I am planning to do reviews / impression vids on both Legends of Runeterra and Warframe.  These are games I am into right now, and both being “endless” free to play games, I figured I could spend a little time talking about why I enjoy them.  Also, Legends of Runeterra will have a surprise!  I am excited for it.
Ok.  Now its time for the VIDEOS OF THE WEEK!
Middle Earth Shadow of War Lets Play
Fallout New Vegas Modded Lets Play
Legend of Mana Lets Play
As a note, ME1 will be split off eventually from ME2.  Once that happens the link will be changed in future Nerdsletters.  Its just gonna take time to update it.
The Nerdsletter Volume 2
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