The intent is to provide a repository of people willing to do Freelance work in the Tabletop RPG Field, or provide products in that field. If you create maps, tokens, roll20 content, do art commissions, freelance writing, graphic or layout work, fun custom products, audio editing / voice acting work, or anything related to these things I want to add you to this list!

However this list is specifically for people who do custom or freelance work.  If you are willing to write adventures modules to order then sure, hit me up.  However, if you are not willing to work with others on their projects this is not the place for you.  The DMs Guild and Drive Thru RPG already exist to assist you in selling your personal creations.

DISCLAIMER: I have no control over content, creations, or information provided. All of this comes from the creators themselves.


Basilisk Online: Maps, Tokens, Illustration.  Twitter
Jason Braun: Old School RPG Illustrations, mostly B&W Interiors.  Website
Jovina Chagas: Freelance Character Artist.  PortfolioCommission Rates.
Allie Briggs: DND Character Commissions, occasionally Backgrounds and Monsters.  TwitterInstagramWebsiteCommission Rates.
Art Lyon: Illustration, Design, Editing, Coloring.  Portfolio / Website.
s0ulafein: Illustrations (generally B&W).  Commission Journal.
Joshua Daniel: Freelance Artist/Writer/Illustrator (illustrations, commissions, tokens, custom adventures/npcs/monsters).  Commission PageTwitter.
Kim Van Deun: Illustrator, BW & Color illustrations, portraits, character, and monster design.  WebsiteContact PageTwitter.
Matt Ray: RPG Art.  FacebookGoogle Plus PortfolioInstagram.
Dakota Curry: Illustrator and Concept Artist. Gallery.  Commissions Page.
Uru: Graphic Designer and Illustrator.  GalleryContact Page.
Jessica Trevion: Artist.  Commissions / Contact Info.
The Unburned Witch: Concept Art, Illustration, MTG Card Alterations, Character Art, Miniatures.  CommissionsInstagramTwitter.
Tobias: Character Artwork, Roll20 Icons, Char Sheet References.  TwitterTumblr.
Matthew Manard: Artist.  GalleryFacebookArtstationTumblrRedbubbleDeviantArtTwitterPatreon.
William Miller: Character commissions, monsters, & backgrounds.  TwitterInstagramCommission Page.
Xan Larson: Character Designs, Creature Designs, and Illustrations.  Twitter.
Greg Dancy: Miniature Painter and Voice Actor. Website.
Mei Lian Hoe: Freelance Illustrator/Artist (character illustrations and designs), Proofreading and Writing (academic/non-academic). Portfolio. Instagram. Twitter. Commissions.


Andrew Chirgwin: Custom Maps, Modules, and other Roll20 work.  Roll20 Page.  Twitter.
David Hemenway: Maps, Tokens.  Roll20 PageD20 Pro.
Dsurion: Roll20 Tokens (Mostly Pixel, sometimes Anthro).  Roll20 Page.  TwitterCommission Info.
Dylan Grinder: Roll20 Cartography / Graphic Design / Token Work.  Roll20 PageWebsite / Rates.
Connor Smith / Chibbin Grove: Roll20 Map / Tile Creator.  Roll20 PageTwitter.
Alfred Crabtree / Meditating Munky: Roll20 Maps and Tilesets.  Roll20 PageDriveThruRPGPower VTT PageTwitter.
Stewart Werley: Modern Roll20 Maps and Vehicles.  Twitter
Zeshio: Roll20 Pixel / Vector art Tokens, Tilesets, Maps.  Roll20 PageTwitterWebsite.


Doctor Gnario: World Maps.  SamplesTwitter.


Spilled Ale Studios / Ross Wilkin: Proofreading and Freelance Writing.  Website
Janek Sielicki: Freelance Writing.  Google+ PageFacebook Page.
Luis-Felipe Garcia-Perez: Freelance Writing and Game Design.  TwitterEmail.
Power Word Thrill / James Williams: Freelance Blogger and Writer.  WebsiteTwitter.
Derrick Gil: Freelance Writer / Adventure Designer.  Twitter.
RP Davis: Module, Character Options, Editing, Developmental Editing, Voice Over Work.  WebsiteFacebookTwitter.
Tim Bannock: Writing, Editing, Proofreading.  Website.
Rachel Heaps-Page: Freelancer Writer.  Work SampleTwitter.
Hannah Carlan: Freelance Writer and Technical Editor.  TwitterWebsite.
Barbara Perez: Writer, Editor, Curator.  TwitterWebsite.
Jacky Leung: Writer, Proofreader, Structural Editor, Adventure Design, Fiction, Blogger.  WebsiteTwitterWork Samples.
Phil Beckwith: Writer, Designer, Layouts.  Twitter.
Darren Cooke: Writer.  TwitterWebsite.
Michael DeVillar: Writer.  TwitterWork Sample.
Clinton Hillman: Editor.  Twitter.
Krystle Giles / Minxogynist: Freelance Writing, Fiction, Worldbuilding, Proofreading, Blogger, YouTuber, Reviewer, Narration, Social Media PR, Podcasts & Game Mistress/Dungeon Mistress. Website. Twitter.
Rae Redford: Writer/copy-editor. Facebook. Twitter.
James Barantor: Worldbuilding, Narrative Fiction, Story Design and Marketing. Twitter.
Nicholas Johnson / Draconick: Writing, Line Editing, Blogging, Adventure Design, Worldbuilding. Twitter
GraspingWine: Freelance Writer and Editor. Twitter.
T.W.Wombat: Editor, Proofreader, Idea Organizer, Giver-of-Feedback. Twitter. Website. Editing Example.
Joey “Gnome” Barranco: Freelance Editing, Writing, Social Media Management. Twitter. Portfolio.
Magnus Hedén: Freelance Writer & Developmental Editor. Twitter. Website. Editing Services.
Kara Frazier: Freelance Copy Editor / Proofreader. Website.
Eran Aviram: Editing, Supplemental Game Design, Proofreading, Writing, Worldbuilding. Website. Facebook. Twitter. Work Sample.


Oli Jeffrey: Layout and Design.  Work ExampleEmail.
Jordan Smee: Banners, Icons, Overlays, Thumbnails, and Logos.  Website.
Monkey Blood Design: Publishing, Layout, Writing, Cartography, Artwork.  TwitterGoogle PlusFacebookWebsite.
Ryan Hennesy: Graphic Design, Web Design, Print Layout, Cover Design, Cartography.  TwitterWebsite.
Davide Tramma: Artwork, Layout, InDesign work.  Facebook.
Scott Krammer: Graphic Design, Game Aids, Character Sheets, Maps, Illustrations.  WebsiteTwitter.
Tom Cadorette: Editing, Proofreading, Writing.  Website.
David Flor: Cartography, Layout, and Publishing.  TwitterWebsiteMap Examples.
Travis Legge: Freelance Writer, Game Designer, and Publisher.  WebsiteDriveThruRPG Store.


Arielle Milstein – Dice Bags, Dice Jails, Character Plushies, and More.  Etsy Storefront.
Elaine Klopke: 3D Custom Terrain and Token Printing (No Minis/Figurines), and some Cartography.  TwitterInstagram.
Casey Brennan: Custom Signs for DND / Other Fandoms.  Etsy Storefront.
Michaela Evans: Custom Dice Bags, Character Portraits.  Etsy StorefrontFacebookInstagram.
AxeNshield Gaming Gear: 3D Combat Risers, Single Flyer stands, AOE Spell Effects, Initiative Trackers, Dice Trays & more. Can do Custom Work in Acrylics (plastics). Website. Twitter. Etsy. Ebay.


Donathin Frye: Voice Actor, Audio/Podcast Production, Writer, Editor, Game Design.  Twitter.
Brian Penaloza: Voice Actor.  Twitter.
Barnaby Chadwick: Voice Actor.  WebsiteDemo Reel.
C. E. Baker: Voice Actor.  TwitterDemo Reel Page.
Kevin Smith: Voice Actor.  Twitter.
Aimee Smith: Voice Actress.  TwitterDemo Reel.
Sebastian Hernandez: Voice Actor. Twitter.
Max Claybourn: Voice Actor.  TwitterTwitch.