So if you have not been paying attention, I recently started (and then due to issues restarted twice in my off time) a Pathfinder Kingmaker CRPG run on my Twitch Channel. I will be playing it Sunday’s generally starting around 4pm EST for about 3.5 to 4 hours, if you are inclined to watch.

I ended up having to restart however after the 1st stream and let me explain why I had to restart off stream, and then get back to where I was after the first stream: I used a mod called the Eldritch Arcana mod (There are 2 versions and I used the wrong one, the linked one is the RIGHT one supposedly), which added the Oracle class (my fav Pathfinder Class). However, the mod had issues seemingly with Oracle abilities, such as the Revelation I chose not working at all. It also added Traits, which are a standard PF Feature, however when using the in game respect option it would not remove your old traits, but still force you to choose new traits, and you could only select new traits from the categories you hadn’t before. I ended up bricking my character by respeccing a few times in order to FIX the Oracle stuff. I removed the mod, and sure enough my save wouldn’t work. So I said screw it, started over as a Sylvan Sorceress after getting a Portrait pack installed.

Then as I sat down to figure out which companions I would take with me, I realized that really none of the companions available in the game really interested me. There are like 12 of em, and most of em are built odd (to me) or have personalities that irritate me in some way (cept Linzi, she is cool). The game DOES let you create your own Mercenary party members however for a fee, so I decided after research that I would do this instead.  Originally I was just gonna use like 2 Mercs but then I decided I would use the mercenaries as my adventuring party, and use the in game provided companions as Advisors for the Kingdom (as mercs very stupidly get -4 to Kingdom Rolls….why penalize me in this way I don’t know but bah!)

And in planning that team, I ran across the Inquisitor Monster Tactician Archetype, actually paid attention to what the Inquisitor IS…and realized that was exactly the class I wanted for my Main Character. So I rerolled again (3rd time is the charm!). And in doing so, I came up with an entire story and history of my adventuring party with personalities, goals, and all that jazz! I present to you:

The Dragons of the Stars

Lead by the half-sister pair of Kassandra and March, the Dragons of the Stars are a group who have decided to make their way into the Stolen Lands at the behest of the Swordlords in order to claim a home of their own. They are fairly new adventurers, having only done some small jobs here and there around their small village, but saw this as an opportunity to make a name for themselves and achieve their childhood dreams of being well known and respected adventurers. But just who are the Dragons of the Stars?

The Leader: Kassandra

Uncertain Heritage Aasimar Monster Tactician Inquisitor of Gozreh with the Animal Domain, NG

The older sister, and generally considered the smarter and wiser of the pair, Kassandra has no idea who her father was (Her mother never speaks of him). She knows she isn’t fully human, and early in life found solace in Nature. At some point, she never says how, she ran across the faith of Gozreh and decided to join up and take up arms in the name of that faith. She trained and became an Inquisitor, and along with her sister March and their childhood friends, formed the Dragons of the Stars. Kass has always shown a deep love of nature and the wilds, and prowess with the bow. She was known for frequently taking hikes into the woods with her sister and friends, and it was during these hikes that the plan to form the Dragons began.

Kassandra is kind, but does not tolerate injustice nor evil. Her personal goal is to make a safe home for people to live in tune with nature, to work with the world rather than against it and show that both sides of life have value.

The Second in Command: March

Musetouched Aasimar Sylvan Sorcerer, CG with her trusty Mastadon Manny

March is the younger sister of Kassandra, and is very much the brightest Star of the Dragons. She is a bit of airhead, a bit flightly, and can get a little annoyed at almost anything. Her father was a Fey Prince who became enamored with her mother, and after she was born he left to “do Fey things”. Her mixed ancestry of divine and fey blood is what gives her the magic she wields. Early on in life she somehow, and no one is quite sure how, made friends with a Mastadon which she took to calling Manny. March has a natural affinity for animals in general, and a natural talent for Conjuration magic that she uses to create things and amuse herself and her friends as well as defend those she cares for.  She also absolutely adores animals.

She is fierce, protective of her sister and friends, and has a bit of a temper. Her personal goal is to help her friends find a place where they all belong.

The Tactician: Naticus

Half Elf Grenadier Alchemist, CN

To anyone outside of the Dragons, Naticus is a danger. An obsessive tinkerer with a penchant for causing mass havoc and explosions, Naticus has always been a bit of an outcast, although he has never cared about that. As a child, he was known for blowing up, well, almost anything nonliving (and on a few occasion, turned some living creatures in explosive devices). He has grown out of his partially sociopathic nature, and the sisters are able to generally keep his focus on the enemies of the world. Naticus fiercely loves his friends, who treat him as their equal rather than a madman. He is highly intelligent but very unorthodox in how he approaches problems, and has no hair due to the constant “accidents” his devices and potions cause.

Naticus is direct, unbothered by how people think of him, and a little deranged. His personal goal is to create the biggest explosion the world has ever seen.

The Advisor: Brandon

Human Cleric of Erastil with the Animal and Community Domains, NG

From an early age Brandon always showed an interest in nature. His parents, devout followers of Erastil and farmers, encouraged their childs interest in nature and the wilderness. Brandon soon found a calling to serve his families god, and showed a distinct aptitude with animals. A gentle caring soul, Brandon strives to bring people and nature together, to show that the natural world is nothing to fear and that balance can be achieved. He met the sisters when a teenager and became fast friends, seeing in them a drive and love for the natural world and a connection to it as deep as his own. He also introduced the sisters to Godless. In the Stars, he has become the groups rock, the stable safe and gentle defender of the groups soul.

Brandon is calm and serene most times. His personal goal is to spread the faith of Erastil to as much of the untamed world as he can, and bring a true balance between both nature and civilization.

The Fury: Magnus

Half Orc Invulnerable Rager Barbarian, CG

No one is quite sure where Magnus came from. That he has orcish blood is obvious, but in the town where the Dragons came from, he was a foundling and a wild child. Prone to violent outbursts when he didn’t get his way, he was generally watched over by the town as a group and cared for when possible. He would often disappear into the nearby forest for days and even weeks at a time, emerging covered in cuts, bites, scrapes, and other injuries but never once seemed bothered by them and almost always with a huge smile on his face. He quickly became friends with the sisters and other Dragons as they would find him out in the woods on some of their hikes, generally wrestling and rough housing with large animals that should have eaten him for dinner. As Magnus grew he showed a deep cunning, and a strange penchant for philosophy, even if a lot of the things he claims don’t make much sense to anyone else in the group.

Magnus is generally calm now when outside of battle, he can however become boisterous and is generally willing to discuss almost any topic that interests him. His personal goal is to care for his family the Dragons by any means, and also wrestle the biggest creature he can find, preferably a dragon of some sort.

The Wall: Godless

Pitborn Tiefling Paladin of Erastil, LG

His father never wanted Godless. As far as his father is concerned, Godless was a punishment for his sin of cavorting with a devil. In fact, even the name “Godless” was to show his father’s disdain and hatred. As a child, Godless spent the majority of his time out in the wilds, only returning to home, and his father, when he had to. Godless had few friends, notably the sisters and Brandon, and it was Brandon who helped Godless realize his calling: that of a warrior for Erastil. The day Erastil accepted Godless faith was the highlight of his life, and he now spends his time living up to his gods expectations and needs. Godless loves nature, and the wilderness. The outdoors have always been safe for the tiefling, who wished nothing more than to be accepted. He is taciturn and to people who don’t know him or understand him, a bit unapproachable. However, Godless has a deep caring nature, and an urge to do good, to prove that despite his heritage he can make a difference. Godless also is quite close to Magnus, and considers him a battle brother.

Godless very rarely speaks, but when he does the Dragons listen. He is caring but stern, and his personal goal is to prove to his father and the world that he is more than his blood.

And there we are, the 6 members of the Dragons of the Stars, my Pathfinder Kingmaker adventuring party. Other than Kass (who is my PC), each one has been built and named based on a Patron or Twitch viewer. March is someone who is new to my streams but has been very kind and active, so I wanted to give them a nod. Godless, Magnus, Naticus, and Brandon are all patrons of mine who have supported me for quite some time and were the first to jump in and claim a character. According to most of em I somehow got their personality types covered with my backgrounds as well so that’s fun.

Now, to discuss how I got those stats as I am sure anyone who has played Kingmaker is going “Thats not possible with 20 point buy for those mercs!” You would be right. See, I use 2 mods. One being the Turn Based Combat Mod, which I suggest to anyone who wants a more “Actual Tabletop” experience. The second is a mod called Bag of Tricks. I found out about this mod on Reddit as I was discussing how the Mercenaries where actually WEAKER then every other character in the game (they are, by default, stuck to 20 point buy for stats. The MC gets 25, and the NPC Companions are all over the place with one being budgeted like 35.)

Bag of Tricks allows you to modify PRETTY MUCH everything about the characters and even game in general. When I learned of this, I decided I was gonna go full tabletop for this, and I used an online dice roller (this one specifically) and rolled everyones stats, including Kass (who comically ended up almost exactly where she started with the point buy). Here is a fancy image I used to share the stat rolls. Everyone was rolled exactly ONCE.  The stats above are these rolls WITH racial modifiers obviously.

There are other things I have done with Bag of Tricks such as set my carryweight limit to be so high as to not matter (I dont track encumbrance in tabletop and I hate weight based inventory systems so HA!) and I am dabbling with turning off Friendly Fire. It also lets me rename animal companions, it let me set Summon spells to be player controlled (otherwise the AI takes control and NO THANK YOU), and its what gave me the ability to even HIRE the mercs (seriously 5 mercs at level 2 is 10k gold in this game….WHY).

You can watch the Dragons take on the Stolen Lands live on Sunday’s 4pm EST on my Twitch Channel. I am also going to be saving my playthrough on Youtube but keeping them unlisted as this is going to be, well, a LONG run (I will prolly put a playlist or something of the unlisted vids together later). This game takes something like 60+ hours to complete without going 100% and I do want to try to cover as much of the game as I can which means 80+ hours

Hope to see ya there!

The Dragons of the Stars – My Pathfinder Kingmaker (CRPG) Party’s History & Creation
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