Welcome to the Bait Shop, come right in! Missing the manticore? Well he got tetchy so we replaced him with Greg. Who is Greg? Well he is the red dragon behind me. Pay him no mind, as long as you don’t try to steal you should be fine.

Here in the Bait Shop we have many fine wares to tickle your brain meats! What? You thought we carried such drab materials as potions or swords? BAH! What we deal in…is inspiration! Need a story? Come in and see what catches your fancy! Need a plan to deal with those dastardly adventurers? We got barrels full of em.

This is still a problem and no one seems to be able to solve it. Perhaps I should put an exclamation point over the barrels. That usually attracts hardy adventurers.

Today on offer, I present the following 5 pieces of Bait! Perhaps one will tantalize you? Entice you? Inspire you?

Oh and no charge, at least for today. Consider these a fine sample of our wares. Welcome to the Bait Shop. I hope you can hook a good one with these!

Hello everyone Terminally Nerdy here, and below you will find 5 new prompts you can use for pretty much anything. Story prompts, adventure prompts, plot hooks, the works. Thanks to twitter for giving me the name Bait Shop for this sort of post. The idea here is to provide you all some inspiration for your future creations! I hope you enjoy these, and if you like any of them please let me know in the comments below, especially if you intend to use one!  You can view Edition 1 of the Bait Shop right here by clicking this link, Edition 2 by clicking this one, and Edition 3 right here! I hope you enjoy some new bait for that creative brain of yours no matter what ya need!

Twist of Fate – Strange distortions have been appearing all over the countryside. Anyone crossing through one ends up younger or older, and sometimes with their gender switched, completely at random. The only clue is that the distortions all circle a strange tower in the woods….

The Trial – The party awakens in a stone chamber with one a single dark doorway out, and no gear save some brown robes. Above the door, written seemingly in each one’s native language is the phrase “The gods are watching. Prove your worth”.

Monster Hunters – The party joins an expedition to a new continent to help set up a new colony. However, this new world is inhabited by massive creatures never before seen. Highly territorial & aggressive, these creatures must be dealt with before the colony can thrive.

Broken Memories: The party awakens to find they all have memories that clearly belong to someone else. Each person has a different set of extra memories, and they all seem to be pointing to some…location. But what awaits the party there? And where did these memories come from?

The God Machine: The world is falling apart & all the gods are dead. The only way to survive is for a group to find the fabled Divinity Engine, become the new gods, and reshape the world for the future. can the party accomplish this fabled task before everything is gone?

The Bait Shop Edition 4
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