Welcome to the Bait Shop, come right in! Don’t mind the Manticore he is harmless, I assure you. You can call him Steve. Here in the Bait Shop we have many fine wares to tickle your brain meats! What? You thought we carried such drab materials as potions or swords? BAH! What we deal in…is inspiration! Need a story? Come in and see what catches your fancy! Need a plan to deal with those dastardly adventurers? We got barrels full of em.

No, really, its starting to become a problem.

Today on offer, I present the following 5 pieces of Bait! Perhaps one will tantalize you? Entice you? Inspire you?

Oh and no charge, at least for today. Consider these a fine sample of our wares. Welcome to the Bait Shop. I hope you can hook a good one with these!

Hello everyone Terminally Nerdy here, and below you will find 5 new prompts you can use for pretty much anything. Story prompts, adventure prompts, plot hooks, the works. Thanks to twitter for giving me the name Bait Shop for this sort of post. The idea here is to provide you all some inspiration for your future creations! I hope you enjoy these, and if you like any of them please let me know in the comments below, especially if you intend to use one!  You can view Edition 1 of the Bait Shop right here by clicking this link.  I hope you enjoy some new bait for that creative brain of yours!

Universe Rangers – An evil organization bent on multiverse domination has appeared! We must recruit a team of adventurers from all over the multiverse to face these villains as they attempt to manipulate, deceive, and control all worlds!

Gem Bonds – The party wakes up in a forest. No memory of how they got there. As far as they can recall, each was doing something in their home towns the day before. In the palm of their right hands, each has a gem embedded. Where are they? What is going on?

The Living City – Legends tell of a city lost to time & hidden away, that is alive. The PCs are hired to find it, study it, and befriend it. But where on earth could such a magical creation be? How does one befriend a city? And why would someone want to find it now?

The Loonies – The party finds a treasure map leading to a pirate treasure guarded by many traps & puzzles. However, unknown to them, a family of powerful devils also seeks the treasure & is on the parties tail. Will the party make it in time?

The Golden Journey – The Party is hired to help guard a team of explorers, as they search a jungle for the Lost City of Gold. When they find the city, however, they find its inhabited and the natives think the players are Gods. What could go wrong?

You can also find the other editions of the Bait Shop and other Plot Hook stuff under the “Plot Hook” Category by clicking that link!

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The Bait Shop Edition 2
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