Hello folks! This April a lovely person named Kiranansi decided to create this “daily question and answer” twitter event to let various Tabletop RPG Creators to get to know each other, and of course so our fans can get to know us better.

However, I hate trying to remember to do these things daily. So instead, I am gonna post the image below, and then just go through and answer all of em in this single blog post. Why? Because I am an adult and I DO WHAT I WANT!

1. My name is Clayton. I write here, on my blog, Terminally Nerdy, and do reviews, discussions, editorials, and all sorts of other nonsense related to tabletop RPGs and really RPGs in general in any medium
2. Central Florida. The Kingdom of the Rat is nearby…
3. I dont really create Tabletop RPGs. I write ABOUT them I suppose?  I mean, I did make a couple of things technically.
4. *points at his website* Its all here. You can see for yourself.
5. I dont work on games yet. Technically I suppose if you count those bonus spell lists I posted it would be 5E? I also do world building but thats generally system neutral. Oh and I do have the Mech RPG I started, and I did make a really insane Tabletop Miniatures Game once out of boredom.
6. I actually really like dice pool systems.
7. My home PC. Thats about it.
8. Idea pops into head, put it down, stare at it and wonder how the hell I came up with it.
9. See above.
10. Video game it would be WoW with my wife. Tabletop, 5E or Savage Worlds
11. Terminally Nerdy! STAY NERDY FOLKS!
12. I have no idea. Twitter I suppose?
13. I guess people like Matt Mercer, my buddy Saevrick, Mr Rogers (no, really), Chris Perkins. They all have styles and tricks I like to use. Also my very first DM Mr M.
14. Honestly I just like helping people. So the more I can h elp the happier I am.
15. A bit of both. I like to talk about my projects but I also keep parts hidden.
16. Not really no.
17. Any? Any is a good one. I dont really get much.
18. Lately its all sorts of Post Apoc stuff as I do some world building on my Alt History Earth stuff
19. Fifth Edition DND Honestly
20. My brain, a keyboard, and hope
21. Until it feels RIGHT
22. Google Docs, notepad, whatever I got handy.
23. Prolly Death by Mage, Matt Mercer, Saevrick, my Discord friends.
24. I have no achievements yet. 0/10 gamerscore over here
25. Being a designer means dreaming big, creating something fun, and trying to HAVE fun for me.
27. Death by Mage is a good indie one.
28. No idea!
29. *points to the discord channel link in the sidebar*
30. Try to have fun in all the things you do. These are games, and games are about having fun.

So there ya go. 30 questions answered. I dont really consider myself a “designer” but I felt like doing it so here we are.

THanks for reading everyone and remember, STAY NERDY!

The #AprilTTRPGMaker Challenge by @Kiranansi
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