*blows the dust off the site*

I have been given the approval of most of my Patrons. It is time for Terminally Nerdy version 2 to begin.

What is this new vision / plan / insanity? What even is TNv2?

Firstly, the vast majority of my Tabletop RPG / DND content will now be written. At least one post a week starting by DECEMBER. These will replace what used to be my weekly videos. On occasion, should the mood take me, I will do a video blog but all of this content will be posted here. I may even do more then one post a week, although my Patrons will still only be charged for the one a week.

Additionally, there will be one video game review a month. These will be in video form and posted here as well with a little mini blurb for those who are curious.

Now this is the plan. Stage 1 in and of itself involves me cleaning up the blog, getting rid of some old posts that I dont feel need to be here, updating some of the art and icons as well, and contacting the folks who have already sent me review copies of things to verify if they want video OR mind written reviews. I also will be updating my Patreon to change all the bits from Video to Blog Post AND Video. So lots of work to do!

Also, part of this process will involve me posting a written review of one of the items an creator J C Stevens has sent me. In fact, for November I will be posting a video review of Symbaroum (the Core Rulebook), a video review of the Action RPG Elex (THQ Nordic sent me a copy) and the written review of one of J C Stevens adventures.

All here on the blog.

On a more personal note: Going through and removing a lot of the older, negative, and just plain pointless blog posts here has been rather interesting. I have something like 6-7 years worth of writing on this blog, as its a combined single entity of all the different creative endevours I have attempted.

Truthfully, Terminally Nerdy has been the single longest running creative thing I have ever done. Over 14 months now. I started the Youtube thing in August of 2016, doing nearly weekly videos that entire time, or biweekly plus streams. Its been quite the ride. But at the same time, all the research and things I have done have indicated that DND / Tabletop videos on Youtube is just not what the audience at large wants. Sure, you got folks who do enjoy it, I found em, but by and large most people want Streams, then Podcasts, then Written, and then MAYBE video (Polls I ran on Twitter several times indicated that only 4% of the audience who voted WANTED Videos.)

Hell even my own Patrons have told me they dont watch my vids because of time constraints.

While I consider this thing, this Terminally Nerdy brand as it were, a hobby…I still want to do the best I can at it. I am good at writing, or so I like to think. Good enough that my book reviews were eaten up back in the day. Good enough at those to have blurbs of my reviews in sequels.

My style, both speaking and writing, is roughly equivalent. I actually sound out, in my head and sometimes even out loud the things I am writing.

I think this will be good for me, and for the Terminally Nerdy family as it were. I consider every support I have, from Patron, to my Discords, to Twitter as a part of my little family. I appreciate everything you all have done for me this past year+ and I hope you stick with me here. My content format may be changing, but the actual meat of the content, the bits and pieces, will not be.

I will still give you honest and straightforward reviews of games and tabletop products.
I will still give you handy tips, tricks, and articles about tabletop stuff.
I will still be…TERMINALLY NERDY.

Thanks guys. Here’s to many more years of utter nonsense!


Terminally Nerdy V2 is Coming
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