Terminally Nerdy #ThrowbackThursday is over!

So there you have it!  Roughly 10 weeks of old reviews, reposted for archival purposes here on my site. And man have times changed.  You can see how rushed I was at the time looking through those reviews, given how fast I was pumping them out.

It was a learning experience, working with 2 other people on a review site, and it’s one of the many reasons I am very hesitant to work with others now. I find that I am, quite frankly, very hard to work with. I like things done in a particular way, and not everyone wants or likes to do things my way.

It’s safer if I just do my own thing at my own pace really.

I hope you enjoyed this look down memory lane, and can I say that man that Bastard Bonds review is pretty terribly written whoof.  Glad I have learned better haha!  Then again, even remembering that game doesn’t bring back fond memories at all so I stand by that review, as terribly written as it is.  Now most of the work I care about has been saved here, from my old book reviews to now my old game reviews.

And now on to more current affairs!