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Indulge me, if you will, with my silly nonsense.  Its unlikely many will read this, I see the traffic, I know how many people pay attention to my posts on here.  I treat this website mostly (at this point) as a single point to house most of my work and a personal journal anyway.  It’s easier to point someone here then to try to point them to a youtube and a twitter and a twitch and, well, you get the idea.  Please allow my ramblings here, I am going to type this out as a train of thought to sort of explain what my intentions are going forward, at least for now!

My patrons are of course aware of my intentions.  Its thanks to them (and mostly my friend and fellow creative The Golden Bolt) that I came to this new evolution of how I approach content creation.

Some of you might know that as of January 2019 I stopped covering DND and Tabletop RPGs.  I did this for a variety of reasons, but my mental health was foremost a reason.  I transitioned to mostly video game related stuff, with a smattering of other nerdy topics and creator focused issues.  It’s now February 2020, just slightly more than a year now, since I started this new chapter.

1.0 was the original start of Terminally Nerdy.  I consider that switch my 2.0 version.

Since the 2.0 switch I have worked with a variety of Developers of indie games, a few different PR groups / companies, made contacts in the industry, and so forth.  On a professional level I have grown, but on an audience level, well, I haven’t really grown all that much.  Well on twitter I have but that really doesn’t count, as no one on twitter actually travels to where my work is housed (no, really).  This is not the place nor the time however to rehash my old issues.

Instead, I want to focus on the future.

Up until, well, now, I have been focused on producing weekly First Impression styled videos on youtube, as well as weekly streams every Sunday on twitch.  I have, for the most part, achieved those goals.  I have done roughly 40 Indie Impression videos, and other then a few breaks here and there I have been pretty consistent with Twitch streaming.  Recently in fact, I started a playthrough of the original Mass Effect Trilogy on Twitch, and finally figured out, at roughly the same time, how to actually split those streams apart into pieces for uploading to youtube!  The first 3 episodes of which have gone up this week.

And it was with these “Stream Archive” uploads that I noticed something.  They were and are doing…well.  I mean, compared to my Indie Impressions videos, these “Lets Play” style vids are doing MUCH better.  And the bigger realization is that they are doing this without any form or promotion, linking, or advertising.  This, coupled with the burnout I have been starting to feel in regards to keeping up with weekly “Indie Impressions” videos and the realization that I could do full reviews of things and still keep the length of a video reasonable, caused me to start pondering my current direction and focus.

Doing weekly videos is hard.  Especially when you are an adult with a full time job and other responsibilities.  Doing a video every week AND streaming once a week is even worse.  I went to my Patrons, and my Discord, to try to figure out how I want to move forward specifically with my indie videos.  Did I want to keep trying to push for once a week 1st impression vids that few watched, and risk burnout?  Did I want to do 1st impression vids but do them more at random, with no adherence to a schedule?  Did I want to abandon the 1st impression format completely, and instead do more “complete reviews” in the style of what I did for Pokemon Sword and Outer Worlds?  I wasn’t sure, and I wanted input, so of course I asked the people who would most likely BE my audience.

I knew that weekly video content on youtube would no longer be an issue, since I had figured out how to upload my Streams in more manageable sized chunks.  So my worry about going to less frequent Indie vids was a non-issue beyond a potential loss of audience.

And to my surprise, almost everyone who has voted has either wanted less frequent 1st Impressions, OR would prefer more full styled reviews!  And then I spoke with Bolt and he gave me the perfect idea:  Why choose?

So the plan going forward is as follows:

  • No more schedule. Indie vids will be done when they are done.  My patrons will of course get the videos early, but I will no longer try to maintain doing them weekly.
  • Each indie game I play will either be a 1st impression vid OR a full review, depending on how far I get in the game and how I feel about it. If I finish the game or play it long enough, it will get a Nerdy Moment review.  Otherwise, 1st impressions
  • Weekly content on Youtube will instead be my “Stream Archive” footage.

Now a funny story about those Stream Archives / Lets Play styled vids.  They are doing remarkably well for something I have not linked to nor spoken about.  In fact, they have done better than some of the indie videos I have heavily promoted.  A perfect example is this: In 4 days, the last indie video I released at the time of writing this was Mythic Ocean.  On Youtube, it had gotten 16 total views in 4 days.  The first Mass Effect episode had hit 17 views in 2 days.  Mythic Ocean was linked on Facebook, posted here on my website, posted on Patreon, posted on Twitter.  The First Mass Effect Episode was…posted nowhere.  Just youtube.

As I considered the why and against discussed this with Bolt and my friend Nate, a few things hit me.  Obviously Mass Effect is a much more well-known game.  So that helps get it noticed.  Its searched a great deal more than most indie games I have covered.  That alone is going to help a great deal.  But there is something else, something I had forgotten about, something my wife had pointed out to me a few months ago.

Youtube audiences like personality.  And your indie vids?  They are dry as hell.” (paraphrased)

Sure, my Indie Impression vids are very informative (I feel) and helpful to give you a quick look at a game.  But there is no humor.  It’s just relaying information, and that does get dull.  The more successful youtubers (Bolt, Lazy Game Reviews, Jack Septic Eye, Markiplier) are generally loved because they are both informative and FUNNY.  They are fun to WATCH.  And…I can’t be that on my own.

No, really.

I can’t script worth beans, and trying to be funny or humorous in a vacuum doesn’t work for me.  I cannot write jokes ahead of time.  I have tried.  Instead I end up just…relaying information straight.  Which has an audience, no doubt, but it’s very small.

This caused me to realize exactly what my most successful (numbers wise / consistency wise) venture has been: My streams.  Because, in those?  My personality shines.  I have an audience I can work with, and my “talent” for improv style comedy WORKS.

And those Mass Effect LP style vids I am uploading?  Those SHOW THAT.  They give people a taste of who I am.

So on top of the changes to frequency with my Indie Impressions, I am going to lean a bit more into the streaming stuff.  I still can’t do more than once a week, just due to time restraints (And wanting to spend time with my wife!) but all future games / streams WILL end up on Youtube, at least two to three episodes a week.  This should help cover Youtube content, and maybe drive people to watch me live at some point.

I don’t think this will be the end of my “evolution” as a creator.  The more I do, the longer I go, the more I dial into what I am good at, what I am bad at, and what to focus on.

  • Version 1: Just MAKING stuff, with a focus on DND
  • Version 2: Focus on Video Games and trying to do Weekly Videos
  • Version 3: Still weekly vids, but now maximizing my other work, and still covering indie games but at a more relaxed pace

Will there be a Version 4?  Dunno!  But I am slowly settling into a groove.

Thanks for reading.

Oh, and check out Mass Effect Trilogy Episode 1 on Youtube while you are here.  There, I finally linked it directly haha!

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