TN’s Indie Impressions – Deep Sky Derelicts

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TN’s Indie Impressions – Fell Seal: Arbiters Mark

Time to look at another Switch port, this time of the Strategy RPG Fell Seal Arbiters Mark. Heralded as a worthy successor to the Final Fantasy Tactics pedigree, does this game really hold a candle to that classic PS1 SRPG?…

TN’s Indie Impressions – Little Big Workshop

Ever wanted to run a factory manned by tiny gnomes who build cute little things you order them? Then boy howdy do I have the game for you! Developed by Mirage Games, published by THQ Nordic and Handy Games, I…

TN’s Indie Impressions – Dicey Dungeons

Don’t have much to say about this one beyond its a fun quirky and cute little romp, best played in short bursts.

TN’s Indie Impressions – Druidstone: The Secret of the Menhir Forest

Thanks to the developers for tossing a key my way for this fantastic Turn Based Strategy game that reminds me very much of playing Chess, only with a lot more options. Lets take a look at Druidstone!

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