Clay vs Cons Part 3: What on Earth is Happening?!

Read PART 1 HERE, to understand where this all started.  Read PART 2 HERE to understand my plan and budget concerns.  On to Part 3.

48 Hours since I started this Gen Con 2019 Fundraising.

– 43 Donations
– $451.78 Raised out of $2000
– Total Percent Achieved: 23%

Thats done in 48 hours. Thats…mind boggling

But it gets crazier.

First Squid Kittens decided to give dice away to the first 5 people who sent her proof of a donation. No idea if she ever sent 5 or not.

Then, Mithril Punk decided to dive in, stating that once I hit 100% funding, they would provide one of their adventures for FREE for a week!

Out of nowhere following this, Shimmerwind decided he wanted to run a Giveaway for when I hit 60% funding, offering up his Wyrmgear Dragon to someone who likes / retweets his tweet!

Then I made a comment about how I might try to figure out how to Cosplay, as my Twitter Icon. One of my followers / Patrons Aras Sivad decides to chime in with the promise that once I meet my goal of 100% funding, SHE WILL MAKE THIS COSPLAY HAPPEN! Complete with Greg the Red Dragon!

After that I got a DM from Dungeons and Diapers offering a copy of his book, A Parents Guide to Classes, once I hit 30% to someone at random.

Following that, I decided to jump in, and posted a CHALLENGE where if I hit my goal by 9/30/18, I would run 2 Public Games at GenCon, using Savage Worlds. (I later amended it would be most likely in the morning, not night)

But we are STILL not done! Later in the afternoon the Savage Worlds Brand Manager decided to, in support of all this, created a Custom Edge for Savage Worlds NAMED AFTER ME!!?!?

And then, just a bit ago, Meditating Munky, a fantastic Roll20 map creator, decided to tell me that once I hit 100% funding, he will run a contest to give away 1 Custom Roll20 Dungeon Map created by him for free, with the requirements that it fits in Roll20 and is under 10mb in size, so no MegaDungeons.

And right before I go to bed, Tales of a New DM decides they want to give away one of their Custom Dice Trays once I hit 50% of my goal!  Along with Kanthos deciding to offer a drawing for a full 15 Printed Custom Monster Codex created once I hit 100%!

The outpouring of support for one random dude on the internet just astounds me. ASTOUNDS ME. The number of people who are cheering me on, sharing this nonsense, telling me I have to run a meetup one night if I go so people can find me its just…

Its unreal.



Even if this fails. Even if I dont make the goals, if I never reach 100%, if I dont go to Gen Con in 2019, this has shown me something. This has shown me the power people really have to make a difference in other peoples lives. And apparently, I make a difference in some folks lives because, well, they are sure as hell showing it here.

CURRENT STATUS: 26%. 494 Ko-Fi donations to go as of 8/9

Can I make it? I dunno.

But its gonna be a hell of a ride. Click the Goal Link to join the madness.  And below that will be a handy InfoGraphic showing the current status of giveaways, and amount raised!

Clay vs Cons Part 2: A Solution?!

So a few days ago, right when Gen Con 2018 was in full swing, I wrote a post called “Clay vs Cons” where I broke down the issues I would face going to a convention, due mostly to simple cost.

However, since that date, a few things have changed. Mostly, my wife has decided that she is not too keen on going to a con with me. One part is cost, she knows that if I went alone the cost would be drastically reduced, but the second is that she really doesnt like the idea of being around that many people. She is very very shy you see.

However, she has a requirement. I can only go to a con with a friend she trusts there as a buddy.

My buddy Saevrick, who just got done with Gen Con 2018 is already planning on going again next year. Originally, me and him discussed on Saturday about going to Pax Unplugged, but apparently Gen Con was such a life changing experience he will only do that one for sure.

This got me thinking: I have an opening now, but how do I manage this?  My patreon goal is still going to be there, as I discussed, and while costs are lower by a decent amount, its still going to be a struggle. Based on my math, I would need, after taxes, around $1400 to still cover hotel, airfare, and my food/expenses.  My patreon can cover that eventually, but not in time really.  Plus that requires people to be willing to pay each month, and not everyone can afford that.

I was then struck by a second thought: If everyone who followed me on twitter, all 5800 of em, gave me $1, why that would be $5800…which is WAY more then what I would need to go to a convention!

But how could people donate?

Then the second thought, as I sat on my ride home, hit me.  I have a Ko-Fi.  Ko-Fi is a site that lets people donate in increments of $3, and mine is not really used.  You can set goals on Ko-Fi as well.  So why not setup a goal on Ko-Fi, and see if my followers will put their money where their mouth is.  Saevrick and me are already discussing plans on me sharing a hotel room with him (because I trust him, and he is willing to put up with my issues) so that covers a chunk of expenses.  Here is what I am looking at cost wise:

  • Airfare: $300-$400
  • Hotel: $300-$400
  • Expenses: $400-$600 (Food, Gas, Fun Stuff, Emergency Funds for my Health Issues. Gifts)
  • Badge $110-$120 (estimate)

Hence the $1400 cost.  Now, I still have to pay taxes on any money I collect, and thats still estimated at 30%.  So in order to have $1400 remaining, I need to raise $2000.  Obviously I am over estimating by a GREAT deal but I would rather be over then under, as I always say.

So how can you help me reach my goal?  And when is the deadline?

Well sadly the deadline is poorly defined.  I dont know why Saevrick will need to book the hotel by, obviously sometime in Jan/Feb of 2019, which means I need to have the money for at LEAST my Airfare and Badge by then to even THINK about going.  Thats $500.  Me and Saev can sort out the rest as long as I hit that and have some spending money (which I SHOULD by GenCon lol). If I dont make it in 2019, any funds will be moved to 2020.

So if you want to see me at a Convention, specifically Gen Con 2019, you need to click on the image below, which will ya send ya to me KoFi.  I already got $6 to go towards it.  I will be sharing this every so often as well online.  The image below and the current status will also change as the days go on.

Get me to Gen Con 2019.  IF YOU CAN NERDS.

Current Goal Status as of 8/7/18 – 20% (HOLY SHIT)

Also, if you view THIS TWEET by Shimmerwind, once I reach 60% goal he is going to be giving away a badass mini he painted. Go check the tweet to see its amazing.  Also, when I hit 100% Mithril Punk is going to make one of their adventures on the DMs Guild totally free for a week!  Thanks to both these fine folks / groups for doing this, they didnt have to but they chose to!