TN’s Indie Impressions – Battlechasers: Nightwar

What person is mad enough to combine american style comic art with a japanese styled RPG? Why, Joe Mad of course! Taking place in the Battlechasers comic universe, Nightwar is a standlone story following Gully and her friends as they explore a mysterious island. On basically every platform available now, is Nightwar worth your time if you are a RPG fan?

Take a look and listen as I explore the fantastic world of Battlechasers: Nightwar, today on Indie Impressions!

Battlechasers: Nightwar on Steam:

And always remember…STAY NERDY!

Demo-Lition: She Dreams Elsewhere the Surreal JRPG Part 1

Demo-Lition: Jack Move, the Cyberpunk JRPG!

Welcome to a new “sometimes” series, Demo-Lition, where I look at an indie game with its demo to determine if the future project is worth keeping an eye on! Going up on Friday’s when I have them (but my fantastic Patrons will get them as soon as I can give it to em) these videos will be played generally till the end of the demo if the demo has one, or until I die in demos that dont technically have an end.
The first episode is on Jack Move, a Cyberpunk RPG inspired by Shadowrun, the 80s, VHS, and all that nostalgic stuff. The demo only took a single video to get through, which surprised me, but I am already very interested in where this game will end up.