TN’s Indie Impressions – Dicey Dungeons

Don’t have much to say about this one beyond its a fun quirky and cute little romp, best played in short bursts.

TN’s Indie Impressions – Druidstone: The Secret of the Menhir Forest

Thanks to the developers for tossing a key my way for this fantastic Turn Based Strategy game that reminds me very much of playing Chess, only with a lot more options. Lets take a look at Druidstone!

TN Talks with the Developer of “Within the Cosmos” an upcoming Sci Fi FPS RPG

Hey everyone!  Terminally Nerdy here with another Indie Dev interview, this time for an upcoming First Person Sci Fi RPG called “Within the Cosmos” which will be releasing on Steam on the 1st of August!  I hope you enjoy this…

TN’s Greatest Hits: The First Physical DND Products I Reviewed

Welcome to the fourth and FINAL in my series of “Greatest Hits” posts, where I show you a bit more about my past in this mad world of Blogging, Content Creation, and so on! My aim here is to show…

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