TN’s Indie Impressions – Neo Cab

Ever wanted to be a futuristic UBER driver in a cyberpunk dystopia? Cause if you have that very specific urge this game is the one for you. I present Neo Cab, the story of Lina in the cyberpunk city of…

Who is Terminally Nerdy?

This is a bit of an emotional thing towards the end. Bear with me here. I wanted to give you all an honest look at my life growing up. Why? Wlel, it occurs to me that many new (and old)…

The Elf Inside by Saevrick

Terminally Nerdy’s Note: This was written by my brother from another mother Saevrick.  He wrote this to show how D&D helped him overcome quite a bit of horrible shit in his life.  This is raw, this is emotional, and frankly…

Emotional DND is Best DND

Last night during my Monday Night DND Game, I had to kill a party member at their request to save them. Why did this happen? Well here is the entire story with some background information so you understand the context.

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