I figured I would take a minute and update all my readers (I have readers? Thats weird) about where things are going and how I am doing.

So far, personally, 2018 has been extremely unpleasant. My hands are starting to have issues yet again (the pain comes and goes), which makes my day job very difficult (I write all day for a job, appeal letters to insurance companies).

Additionally my work commute went from 15 minutes one way to an hour and a half one way, which basically makes my work day nearly 12 hours+. I wake up every day at 5am, leave the house at 630am, and I am not back home till 6pm most nights. Assuming I dont have to stop to get gas or shop or anything. Then I am in bed by 830pm.

Not a lot of time to work on really anything. I am usually too brainfried to try.

Further still, my wifes hours are getting mucked about with at work which puts a further financial strain on my life. We still have to get dental work done for her, plus I have to do a $250 car maintenance job (good ol 15000 factory maintenance!) this month.

Thats a LOT of bad all at once.

But there has been some good I suppose.

First, I was able to get in contact with the creator of the game Gleaner Heights, which is best described as Twin Peaks meets Harvest Moon. I will be doing a video review on that once I get a good ways into the game. Prolly once I finish Year 1 so I can see as many of the in game events as possible.

Second, my wife and I got Legion Flying in WoW and unlocked the Highmountain and Nightborne Allied races, which may not seem like much to non WoW players but it was a big deal for us. I like Cow People what can I say!

Third, the blog has been pretty consistent traffic wise. I am getting usually 120 – 160 hits a day. Almost ALL of those hits however are on a single post, the Divine Soul Sorcerer post. Seriously, that thing gets nearly 100 a day. Guess no one cares about the rest but at least I did something good!

Finally, I am working on reading 1897 by FASA Games to review that, and this Saturday 3/10 I got a “DND Creators Meetup” in Orlando to go to, which honestly kinda terrifies me. Oh and I am gonna try to get another one of the PDFs I got reviewed this month as well.

So there ya have it. 3 months roughly into 2018 and….eh. Its pretty much a wash. I only hope things get better going forward from here.


Oh yea I also started writing a Mech RPG. Thats gonna take a while though.

State of the Nerd – March 2018
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