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Wax and Wayne are back!  And this Excerpt has gotten me hyped beyond belief!

I will make no excuses: I love Brandon Sanderson’s work.  It started with the original Mistborn trilogy, then moved to Elantris, and then to the Rithmatist, and then to Steelheart and Firefight and finally the Stormlight Archives. I adore his style and his work.

So this is a sort of review/discussion/thoughts on the Excerpt from Sanderson’s upcoming work Shadows of Self.  Personally, my favorite of his works would be either the Stormlight Archives OR Alloy of Law, and I am happy to see him coming back to the story of Wax and Wayne.  And I just now got the joke with their names.  Jesus.

The excerpt, which as far as I was aware was at some point available for everyone, is the first few chapters of the story.  And boy what a story.  It starts at a meeting of a Senator who is trying to auction off his vote in the senate to a pile of shady characters.  Crooks, other Politicians, that sort of thing.  Its under the guise of an auction for a painting apparently.

A few moments into the auction however and things go south FAST.  Gunfire erupts, people go nuts, and the whole thing devolves into a giant slaughter.  The senator runs away to hide…and has his throat cut in his own safe room.

The opening was awesome but my major issue with it was simply the heading.  The chapter heading was 14 years later…but later in the excerpt they refer to events from Alloy of Law having only occurred a year or so prior to the events here.  So I am rather confused on the timeline.  Especially when Wax and Wayne get called to investigate the slaughter.

There is also the plot where Wax is still trying to hunt down those connected to his uncle from the first book.  He chases one man across the rooftops early on, a robber.  Wayne ends up using his disguise tricks to actually find the guy however.

Marasi is back as well, and since the events of the first book she has become a full on constable, working with them in a more investigative capacity.  She also still helps Wax and Wayne with their investigations.

You get a real sense of how time has passed since the first book.  Wax is still going to be married to Marasi’s sister Seris, and he is still both the head of house Ladrian as well as moonlighting as a vigilante.  Wayne still randomly trades objects.  Its good to see the humor and banter between the main characters, as it shows how familiar they are and really should be.

I don’t want to go too much further into the excerpts plot because frankly I feel that it should be experienced by oneself.  There are a few revelations that occur about midpoint into the excerpt that made me go “Whoa” as well, and things move at a breakneck pace.

This is definitely a book that is going on my shelf as soon as it releases.  As this is an excerpt I wont be giving it a rating, but I urge you, if you have any interest in unique fantasy stories or are a fan of Sanderson’s work you should check out both Alloy of Law and its soon to be released sequel, Shadows of Self.  I don’t think you will be disappointed.

Shadows of Self releases 10/6/15.

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Shadows of Self (Excerpt) by Brandon Sanderson – A Preview/Review
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