imageI grabbed this book up in an attempt to find something to fill the hole that the Dresden Files had left in my soul.

What I got was not more Dresden.

I instead got what can only be described as a Punk Rock Asshole Monster Hunter, with the name James “Sandman Slim” Stark. A man sent to Hell by his so called friends, he spends 11 years in the depths becoming the Monster who Kills Monsters. He manages to escape after killing his owner, and goes about planning vengeance on the man who sent him Downtown. Along the way he meets a cast of colorful characters who are all broken in their own way.  A personal favorite being Kasabian.  I won’t ruin the surprise that comes from dealing with this guy.

NOTHING deters him in his quest for vengeance. It doesn’t help that the man he hunts also apparently murdered the one girl Stark loved, which is what prompted him to escape Hell in the first place.

Stark comes off as a very violent, driven, and somewhat insane man who lives only to exact his revenge.

Along the way, he may just save the world. But hey, that’s just a side effect really.

Overall I really enjoyed this book, and the world that Stark inhabits.  You get a real good look at a darker grittier LA, from the perspective of someone who has clearly seem some shit.

I would call this a Popcorn book, aka a book that is a quick read, and nothing too earth shattering.  Just a fun enjoyable ride and I would rate this a 3.5/5.

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Sandman Slim Book 1 by Richard Kadrey – A Review
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