Sometimes I pick up games that, while I enjoy them, I don’t find myself connecting with them long enough to really want to finish them completely, and when that occurs from this point forward, I am going to start writing up little “Impressions” posts where I can sorta kinda quickly go over what I like and dislike, and why I might not have finished them or lost interest in them.

Mind you, with my ADHD, it’s very very easy for me to lose interest in a game, and frequently I come back to those games MONTHS later to continue them.  Some, however, are just going to languish in my backlog, possibly never to be touched again.  With that in mind, let’s get into some impressions!  I will start with the games title and the system that I personally played it on.

Etrian Odyssey V (New 2DS XL)

Etrian Odyssey V (EOV) is a solid dungeon crawler on the 2DS / 3DS family of consoles from Nintendo, and published by Atlus.  I loved EOIV when I had my first 3DS a few years ago, and figured I would like EOV just as much.  Sadly, however, the things I adored from EOIV (multiple dungeons, overland travel, subclassing) were ALL absent in EOv in favor of a “return to roots” styled approach with a single 30 floor dungeon and classes that advanced into more focused versions of themselves via a title system.  Also it didn’t help that the classes themselves were not ones I found myself connecting to beyond the Pugilist (who doesn’t like a fist fighter!).  I found myself just not wanting to play the game because I couldn’t bring myself to care about it.  It’s a great game, and I had a good 20 hours of fun in it, but with the release of Etrian Odyssey Nexus recently which brings back the mechanics that I loved from EOIV and the biggest roster of usable classes, I don’t really see myself coming back to EOV.  Oh, and visually / musically the game is fantastic, no doubt about it.  If you are gonna play an Etrian Odyssey game though, get Nexus.  It’s got everything you could want.  And I am going to fully review Nexus (I hope).

Legend of Zelda Hyrule Warriors (New 2DS XL)

I grabbed this on sale on my 2DS XL, and I enjoy it.  I don’t really play this for the “story” such as it is, because frankly it’s a beat em up hack and slash game first and foremost for me.  Good in short bursts, but long play sessions become repetitive very quickly.  You have a huge roster of Legend of Zelda characters to choose from which is awesome, and they all play very differently.  I find myself gravitating towards Impa frequently with her water attacks as I enjoy her playstyle.  If you have played any of the Dynasty Warriors you have played this game, only this time we are in Hyrule and using Zelda characters!  Adventure mode is honestly my favorite, exploring a huge map and trying to unlock bonuses, objectives, and new characters.  It’s fairly shallow to me, honestly, with the character upgrade and equipment system being kinda dull to be honest.  Also, because I have a New 2DS XL, it runs perfectly fine on my system even at its most hectic and frenetic times.  Music is solid, and the game looks good on my tiny little console.  Just be aware that this is a good game for short bursts and not long sessions whatsoever.

Tokyo Xanadu EX+ (PC / Steam)

The closest thing to a Persona game currently available on PC.  This is a decent JRPG Dungeon Crawler / High School sim, but its missing the full charm of a Persona game.  While you do spend your time in High School doing high school things, you don’t really interact with class.  In fact, most of your time is spent “After School” exploring various locations around the city, talking to NPCs to get side quests, and then going into a dungeon to explore it with a partner.  The dungeons are interesting and combat is 3rd person action based, and you can switch between your partners freely.  You can take up to 3 party members into a dungeon with you, but only one will be active and under your control.  The best you can do is activate certain special skills to bring the other members out under AI control briefly.  The music is stellar however, and fits the mood, and its visually solid.  But it’s not Persona.  It doesn’t give you the social links, or the customization via Demons, or the after school activities.  It’s a dungeon crawler in an urban fantasy setting, and while its good and I will get back to it, its just not what I want at the moment from a JRPG.

That’s it for the first issue of Quickie Impressions!  These will pop up every so often as I decide to do them.  For more, you can follow my Steam Curator page for the PC ones, as I do have one of those now and will post short reviews of things if I don’t want / can’t get around to fully reviewing them here, plus links to all the reviews I do here that can be applied ON steam.  I also have a Steam Group that you can request to join, if you are so inclined.

Of course, feel free to support me on Patreon as well if you can, every dollar helps me get closer to my dream of doing this sort of thing (writing, reviewing, streaming, videos) for a living.  If you want more content, you gotta help me fund time and things to GET more content from me.  Nothing in life is free, and our time is limited after all!  If nothing else, maybe share my work with your friends, get my name out there.  That helps too.  Yes, I am adding call to actions now, because why not!

Quickie Game Impressions Issue #1
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