A bright light is seen in the night, crashing into a nearby wood.  Upon investigation it’s not a rock, but a being.  It claims to be a god, and was cursed to become mortal until it learns its “lesson” but has no other memories.  It then proceeds to tag along with the party, causing havoc & mischief as it tries to come to grips with being mortal.

Hello dear readers and welcome to yet another Plot Hook!  Today we are going to take a look at the idea of a Fallen God.  This is a pretty common plot hook that is honestly not used as much in tabletop games as I think it should.  It’s frequently however used in fantasy and fiction.  Just look at the recent Apollo Trials by Rick Riordan for an example of this, where Apollo is cast out with no memory as to why, and pressed into the service of a mortal.

Now with this sort of plot hook I personally see you having two major ways to really go about it: The Prideful God, and the Childlike God.

The Prideful God

The basic idea here is that this god was cast out by the others for being way too serious and prideful, believing that they are beyond the rest of their fellows.  They have been sent to the mortal realm to learn some humility and hopefully gain perspective on how things really work.

When the party comes across this god, they should demand obedience, possibly even trying to use their godly powers against the party should the party (most likely) laugh at them.  Of course nothing will work, and the God should at this point follow the party regardless of what the party wants.

From there the Party will basically have to teach this god how to actually deal with the mortal realm.  The God, since they will be following the party and most likely expecting the party to take care of them early on, would cause trouble simply by being prideful.  Why should the God pay for these fruits?  They are a god!  Make those people (the party) do it!  How dare this guard speak to the God in such a manner!  My retainers will deal with this! (points at the party)\

Either the party gets fed up and teaches the god a lesson physically, or the party realizes that the god might actually be telling the truth and starts to try to teach the god how they should really behave.  Once the god has learned to treat others with respect and understand that they are not in fact the center of the universe, they regain their powers and are welcomed back into the divine planes.

The Childlike God

This works best if there is a Cleric of this god in the party.  The Cleric should be able to sense who the entity is, and realizes that they need to help this god learn their place in the world.  Similar to the Prideful one in that this god will follow the party, but in this case the god simply has no idea how to take care of themselves.  How does one deal with Mortals?  How does money work?  Basically in this case the god would be almost childlike in their mannerisms.  The cleric would essentially become the gods babysitter.

The goal here would be to teach the god how to fend for themselves.  They were most likely removed from the divine planes / pantheon because they simply never bothered to care about their own duties, and caused problems due to inaction.  The party would basically need to teach this god about responsibility and how to take care of your tasks.  Essentially, the god needs to grow up.

Ramifications and More

In any case, however, there should be clear ramifications of a god becoming mortal.  Perhaps clerics and worshipers of that god suddenly can no longer work their magic.  Dangerous beings such as devils and demons might realize there is a power vacuum and seek to destroy the mortal body of the god, stealing their divine power and causing misfortune.  Hell even clerics of an opposing god might be informed that this has occurred, and seek out the now mortal deity in an attempt to prevent them from returning to the divine realms.

Perhaps other aspects of the world fall into chaos.  If the God of Healing was suddenly mortal, imagine the issues that could cause.  Suddenly magical healing no longer functions, disease becomes more widespread, ect.  In these cases, the players would hopefully realize that their tag along has been telling the truth and seek a way to return them to the divine realms and repair the damage.

How would you use a Fallen God in your game?  What ideas do you have for this idea?  Leave a comment and let me know I would love to hear from you!

Thanks for reading, and remember: STAY NERDY!

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