It has been a while since I posted something wholly written on here, hasnt it? Most of the time, I end up posting solely on Patreon, even leaving those posts open to the public. I have a feeling, however, that not many read then because, well, Patreon has that feel of being “private”.

So I am going to post a bit of an update here, on my actual website…that I pay for with those patreon dollars. Might as well use it for something other then housing endless video posts am I right?!

One of the first things I want to write about is this: I have taken down all my Dungeons and Dragons related posts, and videos. The only tabletop RPG related material you will find here is either generic / non system specific, or for other systems completely. You might be asking why?

Well, first there was this entire thing here which shows just how Wizards treats POC and BIPOC in house. This is just the latest report. See this post for details.

Then there is the whole Mike Mearls thing. If you are unaware of that, please check out this Reddit thread on the entire issue.  It has screenshots.

Then there is the entire DMs Guild stuff involving a creator’s work which featured gay vampires being taken down…while other provocative works were left up. Again, you can see this thread for all that or check out this article on Bell of Lost Souls for full details.

Suffice to say, I am not really pleased with how Wizards of the Coast has been treating people or acting as of late. Further, I haven’t really dealt with nor posted ANYTHING Tabletop related here on my site, or on my youtube channel, in ages. Honestly, over a year ago now to be quite honest. I had my own issues back then, and since moving back to video games I am happier.

But I still had a ton of DND related stuff on my site. Today, however, I am not going to support or provide any form of advertising for Wizards. I have removed all the DND specific posts from my site, and all the videos from youtube. I did back them up (I wrote those things damnit) but searching for them? You wont find em. Further, four of those posts are quite literally the traffic drivers for my site (the ones I did on the Moon Druid, Divine Soul Sorcerer, Drunk Master Monk, and Gunslinger). Without those, well, my site is gonna be getting like 20-30 hits a day instead of the near 300.

AND I AM OK WITH THAT. I mention this to illustrate how serious I am about this. Wizards has to address these constant issues. They need to deal with their internal issues, their external issues, all of it. And they haven’t. They instead continue over and over to fuck up, treat people piss poorly, and hide bad apples. Hell, they even lied and said Mearls wasnt working on the tabletop game, yet his name is on the author credits of one of the products they have in the running for an Ennie award!

Its bullshit.

Now that we have the negative out of the way! You may have noticed I haven’t streamed since March. Well with COVID going on, a lot of folx in my apartment complex have been working from home and my net connection has not been the most stable. But as time has gone on I realize…I don’t miss streaming. Sure, its fun to hang out and play games for people, and interact with a live audience but the stress of setting up the streams, of dealing with tech issues, of making sure I keep to a schedule, of trying to grow that stream and failing, of dealing with artwork and back ups and all of it is just too much for me. Hell, I was only able to stream once a week!

Thats not enough to really grow a stream. You gotta pound the pavement, really hit it hard and stream frequently and for long hours to really grow. And I could never manage it.

So I have decided to stop. No more streams.

Well technically thats not true. My wife and I have planned on streaming ourselves as a team playing World of Wacraft Shadowlands, so that might occur. But that will be an exception, not the norm in any case.

In its place, I have started doing a lot more as far as reviews and first impression videos. And I also, recently as of July 2020, started doing Lets Plays! These are to replace the streams. They are simplier for me to do, setup, and record as I can do them when and how I want. No schedule required

As of right now, I have 2. One is on Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines 1 and the other is, of all things, a playthrough of a MUD (yes, a text based online multiplayer RPG) called Achaea Dreams of Divine Lands. You can click those links to go to the first episode of each one if you are curious! I fully intend right now to do Lets Plays on VTM Bloodlines 2, Werewolf Earthblood, and Cyberpunk 2077 once they all release. And after VTM Bloodlines 1 I am leaning towards Deus Ex Human Revolution Directors Cut. As far as Achaea, well, I am very likely going to do playthroughs of the various Iron Realms MUDs. Not full Playthroughs, mind you, as MUDs dont really have ends. I might do 50 eps of each or go till I hit a specific level. I am unsure as of yet.

Beyond that I am happier then I have been in the past two years. Working from home since March, having my free time back (no commute!) is a godsend, and I have a lot more creative energy here. Further, deciding to just…do what I want when I want how I want has felt so freeing. I am still making things.

Hell I still need to write a review on Pokemon Sword Isle of Armor DLC (its short, has some nice quality of life stuff but I dont know if its required to really enjoy the game)…hell maybe that will be my little hidden review.

I thank each of you who read this site of mine, who have supported me in the past, or now, or will support me in the future.

This is a hobby that I have been at now for over 4 years. Coming up on 5 I believe in August. And somehow, I am still going.

No idea where the future will take me, but hey, I will enjoy my journey there.

Treat each other kindly, and Stay Nerdy everyone.

Personal Update: Its been a While
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