This post will house, in order, every episode of my Pathfinder Kingmaker Run on Youtube.  Due to how the Youtube algorithm ranks and promotes channels / videos, I cannot have these videos publicly available through the Youtube Search function (they are simply too long each running over 3 hours.  They are livestream footage afterall).  However, you can still watch them from here, and this post will be updated each week with the new episode.  You can watch live until the run is over every Sunday night starting at 4pm EST at

Please be aware that Episode 1, due to events involving the Eldritch Arcana mod, uses a different character / build and does not include the fully party that is listed in this post here.  However, Episode 2 DOES include that party, and picks up RIGHT where episode 1 left off and I made sure to make the exact same choices that I did in Ep 1 with the new team.  If you want to learn about the Dragons of the Stars, make sure to read that linked post.  And with that said, I hope you enjoy the run!

Episode 1

Episode 2

Note: Due to a technical issue Episode 2 got split into 2 parts.  Watch 2A and then 2B.

Episode 3

Episode 4

Episode 5 (Coming Soon)

Pathfinder Kingmaker “Dragons of the Stars” Episode Archive
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