So I talked about Path of Exile as a whole already, but now I want to talk specifically about the new league releasing on March 8th, called Synthesis.  First and foremost, every 3ish months Path of Exile releases a new league into the world, with a completely fresh start for players who wish to explore it.  Unlike say Diablo 3, these leagues generally offer completely new mechanics added into the game, and Synthesis is one such example.  Let’s start by showing you the trailer for the new league (expansion):

Synthesis is going to see our Exile meeting a man? entity? ghost? known as Cavas along our journey to defeat the evils plaguing Wraeclast, and assisting him with recovering his fractured and broken memories.  Mechanically, it appears we will enter his memories to defeat enemies and stabilize them before the darkness overtakes us, and the memory is lost.  These small events are very similar it seems to Incursion (a previous league), where we would enter the past briefly to defeat a boss and change a room in the Temple.  I had a lot of fun with Incursion so this excites me.

The dark areas tinged in blue are the collapsing edges of the memory, and they will erase you similar I suppose to how the darkness in Delve worked.

Once we have recovered some memories, we will then be heading into the Memory Nexus, and literally building paths using the memory nodes we recovered to lead to bosses, items, and lore.   Each node we place will have modifiers to the entire memory structure, and those modifiers stack, creating both difficulty and reward.  The longer you make your paths through the memories, the harder things become, the better the loot ya get!  Also, the nodes that are always visible apparently houses unique encounters, bosses, and other rewards.  I hope there is lore as well hidden in those nodes.

You can see the permanent memory nodes in this image, plus the list on the right of unlocked memory fragments we can use to build our paths.  However, each placed node only has so many uses before it vanishes, meaning longer paths will take more nodes, which in turn will make things vastly more difficult!

Mechanically it’s like they are combining Incursions customization and personalized Temple with Delves “choose your own path” gameplay, and I am all for this.  Plus I am honestly curious who Cavas is!  Each league usually brings its own lore and storyline that plays out alongside the main game, and after playing the main game for so long, I am ready for some new stuff.  There is a larger untold story in Path of Exile as it is involving the Elder, Shaper, the history of the Delve, the artifacts referenced by Jun in Betrayal, and more!  There is a ton of stuff going on and I am really excited to see where the memories of Cavas lead us.

Beyond the actual mechanics of the league itself of course come a slew of new uniques and a system called “Fractured Items”.  These items have modifiers that cannot be changed, which is a new thing.  Previously, any time you attempt to “reroll” or craft an item you could lose the modifiers you spent a lot of time to gain, but Fractured Items have modifiers that are locked.  Plus, there is now a “synthesis” system using a device found in the Memory Nexus, that lets you combine Fractured Items to create new items with “implicit” modifiers.  There has been some items shown on the POE Subreddit by Bex (the community manager) that are quite fascinating and I am eager to see what kind of weird items and loot we can find and build alongside the exploration aspects of the league.

There are also going to be a ton of balance changes, tweaks, and new skills being added to the game, which are being teased right now.  One thing they have announced is a rework of all SPELL type gems in the game, which is a massive undertaking if you ask me.  Right now, spells are kind of bad when self-cast (or Hand Cast as they are calling it now) and most folks (myself included) do things like using Traps or Totems to maximize their usage, but the developers goal is to make all spells viable when “hand casting”.  Plus some of the new spells released are looking quite good and are themed towards Holy and Chaos damage which is a new style as well.  If you want to keep up with all the new stuff being talked about I would point ya to the POE Reddit Thread that has links to pretty much all the teasers and releases, and will be the MOST up to date place for news and information you can find!  It’s a great resource and that subreddit is a decent place to chat with your fellow POE players and get a ton of information.  Just make sure to use the daily questions thread.

Personally I am super excited and cannot wait to play Synthesis.  I am most likely going to play as a Storm Brand Elementalist as I loved the Brand playstyle in Betrayal, and they are not super dependent on gear to really get going.  I might eventually try one of the new skills, like Purifying Flame, which seems like a fun thing to try out.  Not sure what I would do with that, maybe try a Inquisitor finally and go ham with Consecrated Ground stuff.

Are you going to try Path of Exile Synthesis?  If so, what build are you going to test out?  What has you excited in the upcoming league and for the future of the game?

Path of Exile Synthesis Releases 3/8/19 – What is it all about?
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