Hello readers! Today, I bring you 8 unique spells based on abilities from the Action RPG Path of Exile. I am going to discuss each spell here and the thoughts behind the design of them. I will also provide a PDF of the 8 spells in case you want to use them in your game. I got spells for Sorcerers, Wizards, Warlock, Druid, Paladin, and Ranger!

First up, Frost Blades:

So Frost Blades in Path of Exile fires a single projectile out made of ice, and it splits into to. So I went ahead, and basically wrote the spell to do the same function. I decided to make it level 1 to give a bit more area of effect options at that level, and the damage is around something like Guiding Bolt, only split between multiple targets, each one requiring an attack roll (thus having a chance to miss).

Next up, Unearth:

Now in Path of Exile, Unearth actually deals damage by firing a bone arrow out. Where the arrow ends is where the bodies appear. The idea behind this spell was to give a way for the next spell to work (combo!) but also give necromancers and clerics a way to get bodies for things like Speak with Dead or Animate Dead.

And the spell Unearth combo’s with? Volatile Dead:

This spell is generally combined with the above spell in Path of Exile. You basically alternate casts of the two, creating corpses, then consuming them and having the balls chase enemies down and create MORE corpses! To make it work in DnD I had to make it scale with spell slot level to generate more explosives. I also added a bit of danger with the balls going in a straight line, and exploding on contact with ANYTHING.

Now its time to bring up a Paladin Spell. Spectral Throw:

The spell in Path of Exile works almost the exact same, save that the projectile copy of your weapon boomerangs back to you, and if you pair it with certain other gems (like Multiple Projectiles) you can fill the screen with copies of your weapon flying out. This gives the Paladin a way to reach out and touch enemies from a distance if needed.

I didn’t forget the Ranger! We bring Spectral Shot to them:

This allows the Ranger to both hit multiple targets in a single line, as well as do a short ranged AOE with each hit. It does required a ranged spell attack against each target in the line, so it can miss every hit. The original shrapnel shot works similar, but without the piercing unless you add a support gem to it.

For our Warlocks out there, I provide you Summon Raging Spirit:

In Path of Exile, this spell literally summons a tiny angry skull that zips out and attacks your enemies. You can summon tons of the little buggers and they do some heavy fire damage. I wanted to change it up, and instead made it deal Necrotic damage, and made it a concentration spell that basically causes an angry skull to attack your target.

Here is a nasty one. Blade Vortex:

Now this is a nasty spell in Path of Exile. You create a field of knives that just does massive damage every second to enemies inside it. In Path of Exile you have to keep casting it to build up the knives. For the DND Varient, I made it concentration, and an aura. Basically giving Paladins and Rangers a way to really put the hurt on something. Now, one thing to note is this has friendly fire. Its not just ENEMIES who get hit, its ANYONE within 10 feet of the caster. And since Paladin auras only extend 10ft, this basically prevents the paladin from getting their aura effect for their allies.

Finally, we have 3 spells in one. Herald of Elements:

In Path there are 3 auras, Herald of Ash, Ice, and Thunder. Rather then create 3 spells I created one that gives you the choice of which element to use. In Path, each aura has a secondary effect on top of adding damage, so I tried to recreate these effects while also balancing out the secondary effects. I think I did ok but honestly this is the spell I would need to test out to be happy more than any others.

So there you go, 8 new spells. Hope you enjoy them, and thanks for reading. You can download the PDF right here.

And remember: Get those Crits, Take those Hits, keep pushing through and remember to Stay Nerdy!

Path of Exile Inspired Spells
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