It’s that time again!  Another league in Path of Exile, another post discussing my thoughts on the mechanics and additions to it.  I have done this a few times previously, and I figured I might as well continue the tradition as a “casuals look at Path of Exile”.

I am going to break down this post into three parts: The Mechanics themselves, the Character I played, and Cluster Jewels.  Let’s get started!

The Delirium Mechanics

So the big thing that this league added was the Delirium Mirror and Delirium Mechanics.  The basic idea is that in each zone or map you enter, a “Delirium Mirror” exists.  By touching it you fill the entire zone or map with mist, which spawns new mobs to kill as well as modifies existing mobs with new abilities.  The further you get from the origin point of the mist (ie where the mirror was) the stronger things get.  By killing these monsters affected by the mist, you fill up reward bars, which are in the lower left corner of the screen.  Once the mist runs out (it disappears slowly starting from the origin point, and expanding out faster and faster) you will then earn rewards based on the number of times you filled the bars.  Every 3rd fill you get a new reward type (so if you get the first reward to 3, you get a new reward type and both start filling)

However, this is all timer based.  You need to be fast, kill faster, and have a good map / zone layout to really maximize your rewards.  Early on the league also had color issues, where literally everything was grey and white…and there are bomb mobs that exist that can do quite a bit of damage.  Now, thankfully, the bad mobs are bright red which does stand out against the white.  But you still have to rush as fast as possible killing as much as possible to get the most out of the mechanic.  Further, you end up having to backtrack a great deal to pick up items that the mobs you killed leave on the ground.  It gets…rather stressful.

I don’t mind it overall, but I don’t really enjoy it.  The other big thing that comes with this mechanic are Delirium Orbs, which are an endgame feature that let you infect a map item in your inventory with the mist PERMANENTLY.  This means that the map will get harder, but you will be able to kill and earn rewards at your own pace.  You can use up to 5 of these orbs on a map at a time, and their effects stack.

Also there is the endgame Simulacrum event, which you need to earn 300 Delirium Splinters to create one Simulacrum stone to activate it.  This is a wave based battle, up to 20 waves of increasing difficulty, with rewards after each wave.  I have not done this myself (I got 100 splinters right now) but I have watched quite a few instances of it, and it seems fun enough.  At the end of the day I am not sure if I care whether or not these Delirium Mechanics go core or not, because they just don’t grab me in the same way Delve or Incursions do.

The Character I Played

 At first, I played a Vaal Double Strike Champion, focused on Impale.  I managed to get thru to Maps, and then hit a brick wall real fast.  I discovered that I really am not a fan of hard melee characters in ARPGs thanks to this and playing a game called Wolcen.  I then went and rerolled as a “Spellslinger Volatile Dead Necromancer” which was a build created by Zizarin, and I modified slightly (just changed some pathing and other things).  Things went a lot better here with this.  First, Spellslinger is a new support gem in Delirium, and I adore it.  It lets you set a spell to no longer be castable by you, and instead it the spell will fire when you use a Wand Skill.  In my case, I was using Barrage, and I had Wave of Conviction, Volatile Dead, and Desecrate setup to trigger when I attacked.  I filled the screen with effects it was awesome, and with this character I was able to progress into Maps and kill all 4 of the Atlas Conquerors, which are the current end game bosses.  Here is a POB of my character when I stopped.  The gear is not that great so keep that in mind!

I managed to also get 2 Large Cluster Jewels that benefited my build.  And speaking of Cluster Jewels…..

Cluster Jewels

 This is the big addition this league in my opinion.  Cluster Jewels are a new item that add actual passive nodes to your skill tree.  You basically slot these into a new “cluster jewel” socket on the passive skill tree, and they create new nodes based on their properties.  For example, one I had added 9 passive nodes, 2 of which were new “Notables” that granted interesting skills, one was another jewel socket, and the other 6 were small nodes that each granted 10% increased spell damage.  There are tons of variations on these cluster jewels, and they come in Large, Medium, and Small varieties, each having different notables they can roll and different properties for their small nodes.  For instance, I had a small cluster jewel that only added 2 passives.  1 was Fettle, which is a notable that granted +20 HP and 10% Increased Maximum Life.  The other was a small node that granted a bunch of small bonuses.

You can chain these cluster jewels as well.  If you have a large with a socket, it can house either a medium or small.  If you have a medium with a socket, it can link to a small.  These jewels alone enable you to really customize how you want your character to function, the skills you want, and more.  They are a fantastic addition and I WANT THESE IN THE CORE GAME.  This made the league for me, and I was happily collecting every variant I could get my hands on as I played, even if I had no desire at the time to use them, just so I could see what they could roll.

Overall, I had fun with Delirium as I always do with Path of Exile, but I am wanting a mechanic that’s a bit more interesting.  The best parts of this league for me were finding my new favorite build (Volatile Dead Spellslinger) and the addition of the Cluster Jewels.  Hopefully whatever league comes next is solid.

As always thanks for reading and remember: STAY NERDY!

Path of Exile Delirium League Thoughts
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