Hello lovely readers!  Today I bring you a small preview of a new Tabletop RPG and Live Action RPG Prop Item: Mythic Mint Coins.

I was contacted by these fine folks asking if I was interested in taking a look at some sample coins prior to their Kickstarter, which from what I understand will be coming soonish (April I think).  If you are reading this AFTER it goes live, well, then you are clearly from the future to me and know much more than I do.

What Mythic Mint intends to do is provide copper, silver, and gold prop coins for both Tabletop and Live Action roleplayers to use as props, similar to what Campaign Coins does currently.  What they sent me were samples of their silver coins.  Here is the best picture I could get of them:

Now, based on these samples I can tell you that these are solid quality metal coins.  They have a nice feel to them and are not super heavy. One side, as seen above, has a stylized cross / star like symbol while the other has a bow / arrow combo.  They are kind of small for what I expected, a bit around the since of a Nickel in diameter but nearer to a dime in thickness (these are american coins for my non american readers).

From what they have told me, the coins will be available in the following styles and sizes:

  • The copper coins will be ~25mm diameter and ~1.75mm thickness. They are made from copper plated steel which gives a shiny copper red colour coin. Some of the main design elements are a hammer and a comet.
  • The silver coins are ~23mm diameter and ~2mm thickness. They are made from nickel plated steel resulting in a beautiful shiny silver colour coin. Some of the main design elements are a bow and arrow and stars.  These are what I have.
  • The gold coins will be ~21mm diameter and ~2.25 mm thickness. They are made from brass plated steel which gives a shiny gold colour coin. Some of the main design elements are a sword and the sun.

Thats a pretty decent mix honestly and if the copper and gold are anywhere near as decent in quality as my silver ones then they should be stellar.

Price wise they have not exactly come down on a standard price as the Kickstarters success or failure will have an effect on it, but the rough numbers they gave me indicate a “Set” which is 25 Silver, Copper, and Gold coins (each, so 75 coins total) will run roughly $35, which includes UK Postage.  US postage will be an extra $12, so $47 for 75 total coins. International shipping gives me a headache. Now that cost is approximate, as buying in bulk via the kickstarter will decrease the cost overall ect ect. Basically, a buck a coin isn’t too bad a value. If we go by the Campaign Coin Starter Sets (the closest thing to these) we are looking at 50 coins for $40 USD.  So you actually get a better value here overall if you just need coins in general.

Personally however, I have little to no use for props as I play online.  My props consist generally of JPEG / PNG images, cool tokens, and that’s about it.  Maybe in the future when I play at Cons or guest on someones podcast or something in person I would have a use for these.

And I can think of uses.  First and foremost, for general 5E D&D Games you can easily use these coins as inspiration, or as a prop to indicate foreign currency.  Perhaps with some “scuffing” you can make them look old and beat up for treasure. If you are a Live Action Roleplayer however these are MUCH more useful!  If you run a fantasy LARP as a company you could get these sort of coins in bulk and use them as prop money for your games, which would be a really fun way to spice it up.  Cosplayers might also have a use for these if they are playing a character who needs to “trade” or something.

Overall I like what I see with these coins, and the ones I personally have are now added to my “token” collection for when I need to use Bennies (a Savage World thing) or Inspiration in my games.  If you are interested in possibly getting some of these you can find the folks of Mythic Mint at the following locations. Use these links to keep tabs on when the Kickstarter goes live as well as where to purchase the coins should you be interested.

Thanks for reading, and remember, Stay Nerdy!

Oh and the note they sent me was awesome.  It was actually wax sealed and had the nicest message on the inside of it, saying they love my content.  Totally saving that! Thanks guy!

Mythic Mint Prop Coins: A Preview
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