My Dungeons and Dragons / Gaming New Years Resolutions for 2018

The New Year is upon us!  After the dumpster fire that was 2017 its time to sit down and reflect on what we want to change, improve, or just leave alone in our lives.  Those classic New Years Resolutions that so many of us make and never ever stick to.

Me during 2017 really.

But for me, after reading a tweet by James Introcaso, I decided to really think about what I want to try to accomplish in the coming year for my blog, my gaming life, and so on.  My real life is pretty much set to be honest.

Lets get to breaking down the resolutions I have for myself in 2018!

1) Maintain one post per week on the blog.  This might seem like an easy one but frequently I find I just dont have time to get things done.  As I previously stated, my free time is usually limited to 8 hours on Saturday and 8 hours on Sunday, the rest of my free time is spent with my wife.  So I gotta make sure I make time to write.

2) Get through my Review Backlog.  This combines with the first one, but I really need to start pushing to make a dent in that massive review pile I got sitting on PC and shelves.  No joke, but at the time of writing this I have 19+ products to review that were sent from publishers / creators ALONE.  Thats not including the 4 items I personally purchased to review.  Even at 1 review a month thats gonna take me nearly 2 years to get through.

3) Try to do at least 1 RPG Game Review every 2 months.  I am extending this because, frankly, story driven RPGs can take a while to get through.  Especially on top of everything else.  Witcher 3, you will be the death of me I am sure.

4) Write a DND Supplement.  Yea thats right.  I want to do this.  I have several ideas (a book of pregen characters built randomly like that Cleric I made, a book of 4 dungeons that can be connected into a story, ect) but the idea of sitting down and creating something like this terrifies the ever living hell outta me.  I already have enough issues with self worth, I am not sure I could take getting blasted by someone like I do sometimes.

These seem like small resolutions I am sure to most of you, but to me its major stuff.  That last one especially.

But here is to 2018 folks.  Lets hope we can make this year magical for ourselves, the hobby, and everyone around us!

Thanks for reading and as always: