I present to you a Valentines Day gift.  The gift of a wonderful game, full of cute and fluffy hamster like spirits just ready and willing to go with you on an adventure!  Lets take a look today, at Michtim: Fluffy Adventures by Georg Mir.

This game is really quite a cute little number, and honestly I really like it.  Admittedly, while designed with everyone in mind, its really not FOR everyone.  Those who prefer gritty realism or super dense mechanics will not find a lot to love here, but for those of us who are still just giant ass children at heart, we can certainly find something to love here.

I mean, I can be a Cook who has a Noodle Booth on robot wheels that buffs my party.  That alone sold me.  Anyone want some tasty Michtim Ramen?  Only 5 Acorns!

You can find Michtim on the web here, and the creator Georg Mir here on twitter!

Michtim: Fluffy Adventures! A Review
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