Thanks again to the great creators known as ManySidedDice for giving me this hefty tome to take a look at.
My short written review can best be summed up as a mixed bag.  While its got a great collection of interesting items, mechanically a fair amount of them seem to fall short of usefulness.  Given that 5E is designed to not need magical items, the usage of this book is really dependent on your need of magical item variety.  I love the art in this book, and the stories for each item, some of which had me laughing, but its price makes it a rather steep barrier for many people.  The PDF being $30 base on DriveThruRPG and the basic Hardcover (the one I have) being $56 is really rough for a lot of people.  But the sheer amount of content and variety of it does justify the price.
You can pick up the book here on DriveThruRPG.  The PDF is at least worth a look if you find yourself wanting unique and varied items.  Just be aware a fair amount may bore you or just seem useless just as there are completely crazy ones like the Barony that will give you ideas.
Lost Artifacts of Greyghast: A Review
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