So, about a year and a half ago I swore off covering or talking about tabletop RPGs. I was fed up with the way things worked out towards my content, I didn’t enjoy what I was doing, and I was burned out trying to “make it” in the game of content creation.

I shifted gears, and started focusing on Video Game related stuff, and after a year and a half of that (and nearly 4 years now of Terminally Nerdy in general) I have started to get a handle on, well, me. At least as far as a content creator goes.

I have discovered what I enjoy doing, and why.

And I have found I miss certain things.

So consider this an official announcement: Tabletop RPGs are BACK ON THE MENU FOLX. In a VERY Specific way, however!

See, I miss writing. I enjoy the feel of writing, of putting words out there, of discussing my thoughts on things in a way that lets me consider what I am saying before I say it. But I have found I don’t really enjoy WRITING about video games. Sure, I have written reviews, but the very medium of video games (that of interactive entertainment) screams for video or livestreaming for me. You need to experience and see the game in action, to hear it, to really get a feel for it, and written articles don’t capture that for me.

Based on that, anything I do regarding Tabletop RPGs will be written and posted here on my website. And it will be on MY time and schedule. There may be MONTHS between posts regarding TTRPG. Its when I feel like it and at no other time.

Further still, I will not be covering anything DND related, nor anything created / published by WoTC. You can read this post for reasons why, and there are plenty of people who do cover DND and WoTC published materials. You can check them out, some of it is really well done.

Finally, I am not going to be looking at adventures, or generally extra source materials. I don’t use those when I do play tabletop, and I realize that my view on them is almost always going to be “nice but not needed”. Rather I will focus on class guides or core rulebook / system overviews and reviews.

And first up?

Something I have been sitting on for quite a while, and I owe it to them to get it out.

Gallant Knight Games? Tiny D6 is coming.

Looks like #TTRPG is back on the menu Folx!
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