Lets start with my usual disclaimer:

I was given this comic by the creator with the intent to provide an honest review.

And now I will add the following little EXTRA bit. I am a personal friend of the creator. In fact, I would consider him one of my two best friends. I got my wife, a gent named Dan, and Travis here. I have watched him work on this creation for a LONG time, provided some feedback here and there, played in the D20 Modern DND system he has been working on, hell even read part of the first draft of his script (which was so boring but he assures me he has changed it)

A Comic is a little outside my purview as it were. I am used to either video games, or books. And the occasional album. But a comic?

Lord of have mercy. Time to dive in.

Anyway, lets visit the Fringe, and delve deep into a world of lawlessness, gang rivalries, slavery, cannibalism, and the darker side of humanity.



So this was the high point for me. The art is very nice, pops out and conveys the action. Everything is really colored well. Here is an example panel.


Its all high quality! I cant really say much about it honestly, I enjoy it. And I hope that the art is just as solid in the upcoming series.


This is a little issue, only 12 pages long and about 9-10 of it are actual story. And its very short. It basically tells about a group of gun runners going to do a gun run, an attempt at double crossing, and then quick violence. And some cannabilsm. Its ok, honestly. But very very short. I mean, I literally just summed it up right here, in these few sentences. Does it whet my appetite for more?

Well…kinda? I mean, its an interesting glimpse into the world of Atrius but its very very brief and all, but otherwise its kinda quick. It took me, even with examining the artwork and reading it twice, all of about 15 minutes to get through it.

This is my primary issue with single issue comics in general. I would much prefer a trade paperback book, and in general thats how I purchase comics when I do.


Overall what makes this interesting is the glimpse it provides. There is actually more if you are interested at all in this sort of world.

First, there is an offical preview of Issue 1 – http://imgur.com/gallery/2NMfT

The preview is honestly more interesting, story wise, then this little Zero issue haha. And interestingly enough, it appears to be mostly what I read back when I checked out his script. Looks a lot better with art.

Next, you can visit the offical website: http://www.thelibertycomic.com/home.html

And finally, you can visit his Kickstarter, which as of this posting ends in about 6 days: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/randomencounter/liberty-deception-vol-1-a-sci-fi-comic-adventure

I hope you all check this out. The project itself is very cool, and while honestly the Zero issue is kinda dull, the overall presentation and style makes up for it.

Liberty Endures!

Liberty: Deception Chapter Zero by Travis Vengroff (A Comic Book) – A Review
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