There is a moment towards the end where I say the word “retarded” in regards to the game and I immediately realize I should not have. I apologize for that, and I am still working to unlearn a lot of bad vocab from growing up. I left it in the video to show that even the nicest people (as people claim I am) can make mistakes or say the wrong thing. I am still working on my use of profanity too. Got a long way to go and again I am sorry for any trouble or hurt I have caused.

Today I bring to you a review of an Action RPG created by a studio founded by a Baseball star and a world created by an award winning fantasy author for it. No, really. A game that was eclipsed by Skyrim and largely forgotten itself, but its controversy involving Rhode Island is what most remember.

A game simply called Kingdoms of Amalur, Reckoning.

And honestly, I am not sure its held up to modern standards.  While its a fun game, the writing and pacing of the story is so piss poor that it feels insulting at times, and there is an exposition dump in the final hour of the game that tries to explain everything. I do spoil some stuff, so if you want to avoid those when you get to the Story section, skip ahead to 19 minutes and 25 seconds.

Kingdoms of Amalur: A Review
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