imageSo I snagged this up after reading the first book, Sandman Slim. I was fascinated by the idea of a book where the protagonist is such a, well, asshole. That’s the only way to really describe James Stark. A giant asshole who cares for no one but his dead girlfriend Alice and his obsession with revenge on the man who sent him to Hell.

This was basically more of the same from the first novel. Lots of action, wit, and violence. Lots of Stark being a combination asshole and badass. He teams up with a Porn Star to actually hunt down Drifters, aka Zombies or Zeds as the book calls em, while at the same time having to bodyguard Lucifer himself.

Its a wild ride from start to finish and a whole lot of fun.

I do have a few complaints. Mainly, with Slim himself. He comes off frequently as one note. He pretty much has only 2 settings: Rage and Snark. Thats it. Its fun, and enjoyable, but after 2 novels he shows very little actual growth. Here he does exhibit more human traits, such as caring for a few people around him. But again, his general outlook is “everything is shit and humans are shit”.

Do not read this if you want to have faith in humanity restored. This book is not pleasant in that regard, and frequently discuss sex, drugs, and violence against people in the very plainest of terms.

Overall its another popcorn book and more of the same of the first.  Again I would give this a 4/5 and suggest it to folks who enjoyed the first book and want more of the same.  For me, I may wait to read the later novels as I can only take so much grit at once.

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Kill the Dead, Sandman Slim Book 2 by Richard Kadrey – A Review
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