Authors Note: Please be aware these are in character journal entries, from the perspective of my main character in the CRPG Pathfinder Kingmaker.  As such, they will contain story spoilers because these are her thoughts on the events as they occur.  You have been warned.  This entry is a bit shorter as most of what I did was cleanup of the region and some story bits, and then learning how the Kingdom Builder worked.

The Barony of Draconia has been established!  Rejoice!  Also by Gozreh the throne they gave me is uncomfortable… and that throne room is stuffy.  I need to liven it up.  Maybe a few plants, some nice tapestries….

Now I am not the only Baroness in the Stolen Lands.  There is also another adventurer, Maeger Varn who got some lands.  There is also Hannis Drelev who apparently was already a “baron” with a small army.  He is an ass, and I was tempted to let Mac Jackal bite him, but I kept a firm hand on my companion.

However, before the trip back to Restov and the coronation I should go over what we did, which was pacify most of the area around the Stag Lords fortress.  We explored as much as we could, which was good because we ran into a Werewolf we had to put down, a bloody MANTICORE that Magnus had fun facing off with, and then an entire cave system full of Boggarts!  The boggart cave was especially disturbing as it was underneath what appeared to be a travelling merchant caravan that had been attacked by the boggarts.  We made sure to clean the cave system out, and free to captive lizards that the boggarts had been training.  Brandon kept warning us about mold and the dangers of spores while we were down there, and had to treat a few of us afterwards.

It took a few days before we were sure that the vast majority of the area had been cleared and made habitable.  Afterwards, we headed back to Oleg’s, packed up, and made our way back to Restov.

I have now spent a month dealing with nobles, learning how to govern, and making connections and let me tell you something journal: I really prefer the open road.  Nobility is not all it’s cracked up to be, and knives can hide behind smiles.  Our first night back in Restov had me and the Dragons attending the coronation of myself and the other two barons, and dealing with those partygoers alone was a mess.  Jamandi confided that her entire goal here was to create allies for her peoples departure from Brevoy itself, and clearly wanted me to take her adopted son with me as an envoy.  Meeting Natala, part of the ruling Surtova family was also eye opening, as she made several veiled threats about my new kingdoms chances and then ALSO demanded I take HER envoy into my new court.

I then ran some gent named Lander who seemed ok, and I ended up going with him as my envoy.  We will see if I made the right choice down the line.  None of them seemed…great to be quite honest.  I later found out he is of the Lebeda family.  More nobles!

It took about a month to really build the foundations of my capital.  Kesten was in charge of it, partially, and when I finally arrived I was in awe.  A city…my city!  Well the bones of a city at least.

I have since spent time dealing with threats and issues already.  There was a cursed hilltop nearby that I had to investigate, and a few days ago we managed to visit when the curse was in full power, and found bizarre spiders lead by what we think was a Dryad!  They were rampaging around, killing animals and spreading disease, and I hope we have put a stop to their invasion.  I was also visited by the Guardian spirit again, who invited me to her home…but alone.  I am not sure I trust this, and I am not sure what will occur when I go.

Learning to manage a kingdom is hard, but I feel I am up to the challenge.  My friends are with me, the people will hopefully respect me, and I aim to be a fair ruler.  I just need to figure out where to build that new town in the Outskirt region…..

Again, these journal entries are an In Character record of the thoughts and adventures of my Pathfinder Kingmaker team, the Dragons of the Stars and WILL CONTAIN SPOILERS. This takes place in the Owlcat Games PC RPG Pathfinder Kingmaker. You can watch live on Twitch on Sunday’s (starting 4pm EST) until the adventure is concluded. You can view This Post for a list of all the archived footage, updated as I go. Please be aware Episode 1 involves a differently built character, but the actions that take place in the first episode were mirrored with the new version (so the choices / decisions / events stayed the same even if the class/build/party are different)

Kassandra’s Journal – Entry 4
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