Authors Note: Please be aware these are in character journal entries, from the perspective of my main character in the CRPG Pathfinder Kingmaker.  As such, they will contain story spoilers because these are her thoughts on the events as they occur.  You have been warned.

It’s been 4 days give or take since my last entry. And, again, a lot has happened. I am writing this the night before I return to Restov to report the following.

The spy Tartuccio is dead, his body left mangled and broken under the large Sycamore tree in the Stolen Lands.

The Stag Lord is also dead. His headless body fed to our animal companions so that he might provide SOME good in his death.

Chasing down Tartuccio was oddly simple. We ran across him impersonating a kobold in an area full of pine trees, trying to psych up other kobolds into attacking some “Mites” or something. When we arrived, he very quickly called on his followers to attack us, but after dealing with Wererats, Trolls, and a giant wooden bear thing a few kobolds posed no threat to the Dragons.

We gave chase, and quickly found ourselves back at the giant Sycamore tree we had discovered earlier, only this time a full scale war between these Mites and the Kobolds was going on. After a short discussion with the other Dragons we decided that both sides needed to be wiped out in order to secure the future of the Stolen Lands. Bandits and evil alike needs to be dealt with the secure the lands and make things safe for the rest of us.

After cleaning out the warring groups we found that the mining shaft we had located on our previous exploration had opened up, and we went down into the depths. It was…dark down there. Black as night, with barely any light sources. Myself and March however have magic we can call upon to light the darkness, so we did. Brandon also turned Nate into a light, although Nate was NOT pleased about this. Something about “how can I sneak if I am glowing like moss!” or something. Not that we ever see Nate sneaking or skulking about mind you. There are quite a few traps down in those tunnels as well, and we quickly found and dealt with the Kobold chieftain.

A few hours of exploration later, along with dealing with a loads and loads of giant spiders and giant centipedes, we found and dealt with the Mite queen as well.

We also found several giant frogs guarding a golden frog statue who were not happy when Magnus picked it up. A giant dead spider near an underground lake that was already dead. A strange forest of plants that glowed in the dark which was nice. The caves under the Sycamore were dark, damp, full of bugs, and generally a mess and took hours to clear out.

However, during one of our rests, after we finished out the kobold leader (and rescued Harrim of all people. Not sure how he got trapped down there exactly, but apparently Tartuccio had something to do with it) an amazing thing happened for me and Brandon.

Our gods sent us allies. A pair of sabertoothed cats, or “Smilidons” as they themselves said. One came to me, and introduced himself as Mac Jackal. Yes, the cat talked to me. Or rather, seemingly spoke directly into my mind. He said that Gorzreh had sent him to me, and that his brother was sent by Erastil to help Brandon. I suppose this is how March feels working with Manny. Brandon seemed to be having his own discussion with the other cat, who Mac told me was named Dsurion.

The twin cats then quickly made their way over to Manny, seemed to share some sort of understanding, and then curled up. Our number grows, and both Mac and Dsurion have proven their worth already. They are powerful allies, and Mac is a comfortable friend. Also his fur is very nice to lay my head on, even if it seems to annoy him slightly. He doesn’t move when I use him as a pillow though so I think he secretly likes it.

He also has a tendency to bring me dead animals at night. I think he is trying to help hunt for food when camping….

After we rested we then began to hunt a bit deeper, eventually finding a strange room full of Kobolds. The Kobold form of Tartuccio was visible near a portal, and after closing it he insulted us and started claiming he was going to kill us.

Magnus disabused him of that notion very quickly. It was rather messy all told. Who knew a Gnome in Kobold form contained so much viscera?

We proceeded to clean up the rest of the Kobolds in the room and after checking everything in the room we left, confident that the Tartuccio had been dealt with. I mean, he was a bit of splatter on the ground (and on Magnus).

Once we returned to Oleg’s the Guardian appeared before me, letting me know that the fog obscuring the Stag Lord’s domain was gone! I quickly told everyone to get some rest and that in the morning we would head out to the Stag Lord’s fort. One way or another it was going to be finished.

It took almost a full day of travel, hard marching, to reach the Stag Lord’s fortress. It was…well it was an actual wooden fort! I am not sure if he found it or rebuilt it, but it was heavily fortified. We quickly scouted the area around the fort and dealt with a Zombie infestation as well as a few pet Thylacines that were gnawing on some corpses in a pit. We also noticed Kressel hanging around near the gate. After some discussion we approached Kressel, who proceeded to confide in us her own unease and issues with the Stag Lord, suggesting a full frontal assault after she escorts us in.

Magnus, myself, and Godless were for this idea. Brandon, March, and Nate were against this idea. However, after some discussion we all decided that a decisive firm victory, without skullduggery or sneaking would make a better statement, and so we went with Kressel directly into the villains lair.

The Stag Lord did not like Kressel’s moxy, and before any one of us could react, fired three arrows into her, killing her. Svetlana was…upset to say the least about this news.

The battle joined, and it was a slaughterhouse. Magnus showed, yet again, why we call him the Fury as he dispatched several of the Stag Lord’s henchmen before charging up to the platform and slaying the foul man as well. At some point in the fight an Owlbear (or so Brandon tells me) got free! and then began fighting the bandits! Between spells and steel however the day was won, and after a sweep of the exterior (including finding several drunk bandits who somehow avoided the main fight and a pack of trained wolves) we entered the building proper. The Stag Lord was clearly a drunk, and had even been screaming about “His Queen” during the fight and before he died. We found his “father”, that strange abusive druid, who quickly attacked us, forcing us to slay him as well.

We took all the valuables we could carry, and left the fort and returned to Oleg’s.

Tomorrow, we head back to Restov, and the Swordlord’s manor to report our results. We beat the time frame she gave us by about half. We have in fact spent nearly a month now here in the Stolen Lands, pacifying the area, dealing with bandits and monsters and other creatures. I am ready for a bit of a break, all told. I am stronger now than I have ever been, as is the family. March has improved her spellcasting quite a bit, to the point of being able to cast now in light armors without issue. Magnus has proven his skill in battle, and seems to be starting a bit of a fling with Amiri! Brandon, Godless, and myself all agree that the balance we all wish to achieve is coming together. Clearing out the monsters while letting the natural life flourish is important, and I hope to be able to build a good home for everyone who wishes to live in peace.

I wonder if I can be a good ruler. I mean, sure, the Dragon’s all agree I should be the leader of this barony. Hell, they have been pushing me to give the people like Octavia and Amiri and Linzi positions in the future barony (Magnus has very clearly stated he wants nothing to do with ruling anything) and I will follow my families wishes. But…leading a group in adventure is very different from ruling a kingdom. Threats will come at me I am sure from all sides. Internal threats, external ones. And I refuse to be one of those pompous nobles who sits on their rear all day in a throne room. I will rule from the front, challenge the threats directly, and I will make sure the people are safe.

Tomorrow, Restov. I wonder what new adventures await….

Again, these journal entries are an In Character record of the thoughts and adventures of my Pathfinder Kingmaker team, the Dragons of the Stars and WILL CONTAIN SPOILERS. This takes place in the Owlcat Games PC RPG Pathfinder Kingmaker. You can watch live on Twitch on Sunday’s (starting 4pm EST) until the adventure is concluded. You can view This Post for a list of all the archived footage, updated as I go. Please be aware Episode 1 involves a differently built character, but the actions that take place in the first episode were mirrored with the new version (so the choices / decisions / events stayed the same even if the class/build/party are different)

Kassandra’s Journal – Entry 3
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