Authors Note: Please be aware these are in character journal entries, from the perspective of my main character in the CRPG Pathfinder Kingmaker.  As such, they will contain story spoilers because these are her thoughts on the events as they occur.  You have been warned.

I have decided to write my own journal regarding my adventures (or misadventures) with my family the Dragons of the Stars. My name is Kassandra, and if you have read the book by the bard Linzi (whenever that thing is finished) then you might have some idea of what I will have gone through. However, I wanted to record my own thoughts, at least on occasion, regarding what has occurred in my life since leaving my small village of Kerns Hollow. I don’t intend to update daily or anything, I have never been one for that sort of regularity (that’s Brandon’s forte) but I do think keeping a record is important.

My band, the Dragons of the Stars, was founded by me and my sister March, and prior to me reaching the Stolen Lands, we split up to handle several different jobs. Being the “leader” of the group, I was chosen to go to the Swordlord Jamandi’s home to hear about an opportunity in the Stolen Lands. We all agreed that once I knew what was going on I would use our communication rings (created by Naticus) to contact everyone else and let them know what the stakes were.

The stakes are, in fact, the possibility of our own BARONY!

My dream has always been to create a home for myself and the Dragons, and a place where people could live in harmony with the natural world. This opportunity is the perfect chance to do so. Granted, Jamandi pointed out that me and the others who undertook this mission would have to route out the various monsters and a group of bandits lead by someone called The Stag Lord, but I don’t think it will be too much trouble.  During the discussion I met a few other adventurers, and this one named Tartuccio kept yelling about how he was in charge.  No one seemed bothered by it but he seemed at the time to be a nasty piece of work.  After the events of that night, I am fairly sure I am right.

Sadly, the Swordlord’s house was assaulted by assassins! Many of the adventurers who had gathered were killed. I teamed up with a bard named Linzi, and eventually Tartuccio to take on these vile fiends. We also ran into a warrior named Amiri, and UNDEAD lady named Jaethal, another warrior named Valerie, and a very dour cleric named Harrim. We were able to drive the assassins off and even help save the Swordlord! However, right after the fight Tartuccio accused me of being a PITAX SPY! Can you imagine?! I have never even BEEN to that accursed place. Although since talking to Linzi I have found she has…and was even expelled from their bard school. I need to learn more about that.

Thankfully I was able to defend myself from this horrid accusations, and told by Jamandi to head to a place in the stolen lands called Oleg’s Trading Post to begin. I used my ring to tell the other Dragons to meet me there, and accompanied by Valerie, Linzi, and Amiri, I began my trek. Tartuccio was given lead over the other party (the villain!) and told to go to another location. I am positive HE is the spy as he is very clearly from Pitax.

I am recording these thoughts the morning after reaching Oleg’s. Let me tell you, getting here was a long slog through the wilds, but it was very nice. Ran into some Thylacines and I was able to save a few skins from them. Nature provides, if you know where to look after all! Amiri and Valerie are excellent fighters, and Linzi is quite the character. I think March will get along well with her in particular, and Amiri and Magnus will most likely be fast friends. Valerie is a bit aloof for my taste.

Yesterday we reached Oleg’s, and immediately ran across some of the bandits of the Stag Lord. We routed them although one disappeared (magic? this is bad), and the Oleg let us know they would return in a larger group. With his help, and some handy Alchemist fire (Naticus would have been proud of the explosion) we routed THAT group. I went to rest in the upper chamber after exchanging some words with Svetlana, Oleg’s wife. She is a nice lady.

I dreamed of…things? Fey creatures, a Guardian, who begged my aid in killing the Stag Lord. I am not one for omens and strange visions normally but this was a first. She warned me of some mist. Lo and behold there is mist today.

This morning I woke up to find the Dragons had assembled and were getting the lay of the trading post. I am happy my family is here, and I feel safer already. We as a group have decided to leave Linzi, Amiri, and valerie here to defend Oleg’s while the rest of us scout the lands. I feel better working with a group I already know, and the others understand that. Though Amiri was annoyed I was leaving her out of the fight.

Later today, The Dragons will set out to explore and hunt the Stag Lord, and also Tartuccio. I am not going to forgive that miserable little cretin and his accusations. I am fairly certain HE is the spy who let those horrible assassins into the Swordlord’s manner, and I WILL exact justice for the slain.

– Kassandra

Again, these journal entries are an In Character record of the thoughts and adventures of my Pathfinder Kingmaker team, the Dragons of the Stars and WILL CONTAIN SPOILERS. This takes place in the Owlcat Games PC RPG Pathfinder Kingmaker. You can watch live on Twitch on Sunday’s (starting 4pm EST) until the adventure is concluded. You can view This Post for a list of all the archived footage, updated as I go. Please be aware Episode 1 involves a differently built character, but the actions that take place in the first episode were mirrored with the new version (so the choices / decisions / events stayed the same even if the class/build/party are different)

Kassandra’s Journal – Entry 1
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