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The Book Blurb! “Kara was thirteen when she learned her mother was dying. Five years later, the last component of her mother’s cure waits in the city of Tarna, but that is one journey she may not survive.

Even as a Glyphbinder, a wielder of blood glyphs created by a people long dead, Kara is no match for the madman that hunts her or the dark forces at his beck and call. As those Kara loves fall one by one, her hunter’s purpose is finally revealed.

Demons thought long defeated stir now in the shadows of her world, seeking a dark power hidden in Kara’s blood. Tireless and without pity, these demons will not be satisfied until they claim Kara’s world … and her soul. “

Here. This is my review of this book. Go buy it. Did you buy it yet? Why haven’t you bought it yet?! I NEED YOU TO BUY THIS SO ERIC GOES AND FINISHES BOOK TWO SO I CAN DEVOUR THAT!


Glybinder, as you can tell from the blurb above, is the story of Kara, an apprentice Glyphbinder. What is a Glyphbinder you ask? Well its a mage. But its so much more.

Eric has crafted a wonderfully rich and believable world, with interesting characters and a riveting plot. Now what drew me to this originally were the sample chapters on the web. If you are curious I urge you to go check them out. Sci-Fi and Scary pointed em out to me, and then got Eric in contact with me and I am glad she did.

Its going to be hard to really dig deep here without spoilers but in truth I refuse to spoil anything about this wild and imaginative ride. Suffice to say, right now, this is one of my favorite books that I have read recently.

So what IS a Glyphbinder? A Glyphbinder is a mage who uses their own blood as a power source, in order to channel the power of the Five Who Made the World. Life, Ruin, Breath, Land, and Heat. In addition, some can also channel beast spirits such as the Wolf, Turtle, and Bear, although I cannot recall exact names. Rannoc is the Wolf I want to say.

There are different sorts of mages. Firebrands who specialize in fire magic, Bloodmenders who can heal and transfuse blood, Beastlords who can communicate with animals, and the Glyphbinders who can actually do a little of everything. Kara is a Glyphbinder, as if you didn’t know. On her journey she eventually gets joined by her two best friends Sera and Byn, a Bloodmender and Beastlord, as well as her rival Aryn a Firebrand, and Trell, a man who lost his memory.

The story starts with Kara trying to discover the ingredients to a glyph that will allow her to heal her mother Ona from a terrible disease that is ravaging her. However, things quickly get insane as people appear to try to kill or kidnap Kara, as well as attacking her very school. From there things go off the rails and all sorts of twists and turns occur.

What I really enjoyed was Eric’s ability to keep things tight and controlled while still giving each character some time in the spotlight. You really get to know the group and each character’s motivations. Further, not a single word is wasted. There are no useless descriptions or pointless passages. Everything has its point, and every bit of the narrative is tight.  Also, while there is a bit of romantic subplot here, its not overt between Kara and her love interest, and in fact only manifests towards the end of the book.  And even then its not fully realized.

And finally the ending is actually almost fairy-tale in style. I won’t spoil it but its greatly satisfying, while also hinting at a larger threat in the background.

I will warn you this book does have violence.  And has quite a few twists.  To sum it up I thought at one point we had reached the big climax, but nope, we hadn’t.  That was just the foreplay for the main event…which was just as amazing.

This is definitely a 5/5 for me. If you like Fantasy you need to read this. Its excellent, and I want more. I crave me. I NEED MORE.

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Glyphbinder by T Eric Bakutis – A Review
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